GLib.IOChannel Members

The members of GLib.IOChannel are listed below.

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Public Constructors

Public constructor.
Public constructor.

Public Properties

BufferConditionIOCondition. BufferCondition property.
Bufferedbool. Buffered property.
BufferSizeulong. BufferSize property.
CloseOnUnrefbool. CloseOnUnref property.
Encodingstring. Encoding property.
FlagsIOFlags. Flags property.
HandleIntPtr. Handle property.
LineTerminatorchar[]. LineTerminator property.
UnixFdint. UnixFd property.

Public Methods

AddWatch(int, IOCondition, IOFunc) : uint
Adds a notification watch to the mainloop at a given priority.
Disposes the channel.
ErrorFromErrno(int) : IOChannelError
Converts an error number to an Error value.
Flush() : IOStatus
Flushes the write buffer for the channel.
FromHandle(IntPtr) : IOChannel
Wraps a native channel.
ReadChars(byte[], out ulong) : IOStatus
Reads data from the channel.
ReadLine(out string) : IOStatus
Reads a line from the channel.
ReadLine(out string, out ulong) : IOStatus
Reads the next line in the channel.
ReadToEnd(out string) : IOStatus
Reads to the end of the channel.
ReadUnichar(out uint) : IOStatus
Reads a UCS4 character from the channel.
SeekPosition(long, SeekType) : IOStatus
Seeks to a position in the channel.
Shutdown(bool) : IOStatus
Shuts down a channel.
WriteChars(byte[], out ulong) : IOStatus
Writes binary data to a channel.
WriteChars(string, out string) : IOStatus
Writes text to the channel.
WriteUnichar(uint) : IOStatus
Writes a UCS4 character to the channel.

Protected Methods

Init method.