CocosSharp.CCTileMapAtlas Class
is a subclass of .

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public class CCTileMapAtlas : CCAtlasNode


It knows how to render a map based of tiles. The tiles must be in a .PNG format while the map must be a .TGA file.

For more information regarding the format, please see this post:

All features from CocosSharp.CCAtlasNode are valid in CocosSharp.CCTileMapAtlas

CocosSharp.CCAtlasNode CocosSharp.CCTileMapAtlas

IMPORTANT: This class is deprecated. It is maintained for compatibility reasons only. You SHOULD not use this class. Instead, use the newer TMX file format: CocosSharp.CCTMXTiledMap



Namespace: CocosSharp
Assembly: CocosSharp (in CocosSharp.dll)