CocosSharp.CCLayer Class
Node that associates a number of children with a common CCCamera.

See Also: CCLayer Members


public class CCLayer : CCNode


A subclass of CocosSharp.CCNode that associates all children with a common camera.

Along with a CocosSharp.CCScene, any child node object that wishes to be rendered needs to be associated with a parent layer. Specifically, the node hierarchy should be: Scene -> Layer -> Nodes.

CCLayer nodes have the unique ability of having a CocosSharp.CCCamera attached to them. This means that all of the children of a given CCLayer will be rendered with the transformation set for the specified camera.

This allows developers for instance to separate the rendering of their game into two layers: an interface layer (e.g. game controls) and an in-game content layer, each with their own corresponding camera.

CCLayer objects are not resizable, they take the entire viewport dimensions.


Namespace: CocosSharp
Assembly: CocosSharp (in CocosSharp.dll)