Cairo.FontOptions Members

The members of Cairo.FontOptions are listed below.

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Public Constructors

Allocates a new font options object with all options initialized to default values.

Public Properties

AntialiasAntialias. The antiliasing mode for the font options object.
HandleIntPtr. Pointer to the native FontOptions object.
HintMetricsHintMetrics. The metrics hinting mode for the font options object.
HintStyleHintStyle. The hint style for font outlines for the font options object.
StatusStatus. Checks whether an error has previously occurred for this font options object
SubpixelOrderSubpixelOrder. The subpixel order for the font options object.

Public Methods

Copy() : FontOptions
Allocates a new font options object copying the option values from the current one.
Destroys a FontOptions object created with FontOptions() or FontOptions.Copy()
Dispose resources associated with the FontOptions.
Equals(object) : bool
Compares this FontOptions object with another one for equality.
Disposes the FontOptions object
GetHashCode() : int
Compute a hash for the FontOptions object
Merges non-default options from other into this FontOptions object, replacing existing values.

Public Operators

Equality(FontOptions, FontOptions)Tests two FontOptions for equality.
Inequality(FontOptions, FontOptions)Tests two FontOptions for inequality