Art.FilterLevel Enumeration
Allows the selection of the required filter level.


public enum FilterLevel


Cubic filtering is missing because hyper is just as fast to implement and slightly better in quality.


Member NameDescription
NearestNearest neighbor implementation. Fastest and lowest quality.
TilesAccurate simulation of the PostScript image operator without any interpolation. Each pixed is rendered as a small parallelogra, of solid color, with its edges implemented with antialiasing. It looks like Nearest on enlargement and Bilinear on reduction.
BilinearBilinear interpolation. On enlargement its equivalent to point-sampling the ideal bilinear-interpolated image. On reduction, its equivalent to laying down samll tiles and integrating over the coverage area.
HyperSlowest and highest quality reconstruction, derived from the hyperbolic filters in Wolberg's "Digital Image Warping". Hyperbolic-filter sampling the ideal hyperbolic-filter interpolated image (its designed to be idempotent for 1:1 pixel mapping).


Namespace: Art
Assembly: art-sharp (in art-sharp.dll)
Assembly Versions: