Android.Hardware.Usb.UsbClass Enumeration
Enumerates values returned by several types.


public enum UsbClass


Enumerates value returned by the following: .


Member NameDescription
AppSpecApplication specific USB class.
AudioUSB class for audio devices.
CdcDataUSB class for CDC devices (communications device class).
CommUSB class for communication devices.
ContentSecUSB class for content security devices.
CscIdUSB class for content smart card devices.
HidUSB class for human interface devices (for example, mice and keyboards).
HubUSB class for USB hubs.
MassStorageUSB class for mass storage devices.
MiscUSB class for wireless miscellaneous devices.
PerInterfaceUSB class indicating that the class is determined on a per-interface basis.
PhysicaUSB class for physical devices.
PrinterUSB class for printers.
StillImageUSB class for still image devices (digital cameras).
VendorSpecVendor specific USB class.
VideoUSB class for video devices.
WirelessControllerUSB class for wireless controller devices.


Namespace: Android.Hardware.Usb
Assembly: Mono.Android (in Mono.Android.dll)
Assembly Versions: