System.Web.Compilation.BuildProvider.CodeCompilerType Property

Represents the compiler type used by a build provider to generate source code for a custom file type.


public virtual CompilerType CodeCompilerType { get; }


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Use the BuildProvider.CodeCompilerType property to provide the settings for compiling source code for an implementation of System.Web.Compilation.BuildProvider. The BuildProvider.CodeCompilerType property is null if the build provider does not require a specific code language for generating and compiling source code.

To set the value for a System.Web.Compilation.CompilerType object within a build provider implementation, use the BuildProvider.GetDefaultCompilerType or BuildProvider.GetDefaultCompilerTypeForLanguage(string) method.

The CompilerType.CodeDomProviderType property specifies the System.CodeDom.Compiler.CodeDomProvider implementation that is used to generate and compile source code for a build provider. The CompilerType.CompilerParameters property defines the settings that are used to compile the source code into an assembly.


Namespace: System.Web.Compilation
Assembly: System.Web (in System.Web.dll)
Assembly Versions:
Since: .NET 2.0