System.Configuration.Install.Installer.Context Property

Gets or sets information about the current installation.


public InstallContext Context { set; get; }


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The Installer.Context property contains installation information. For example, information about the location of the log file for the installation, the location of the file to save information required by the Installer.Uninstall(IDictionary) method, and the command line that was entered when the installation executable was run.

The program that calls the Installer.Install(IDictionary), Installer.Commit(IDictionary), Installer.Rollback(IDictionary), or Installer.Uninstall(IDictionary) methods sets the Installer.Context property with information that the methods need.

If an installer belongs to an installer collection, the parent installer sets the Installer.Context property before calling any of these methods. The parent installer can be accessed through the Installer.Parent property.


Namespace: System.Configuration.Install
Assembly: System.Configuration.Install (in System.Configuration.Install.dll)
Assembly Versions: 1.0.5000.0,