WebKit Namespace

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IWKNavigationDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol WebKit.WKNavigationDelegate.
IWKScriptMessageHandlerInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol WebKit.WKScriptMessageHandler.
IWKUIDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol WebKit.WKUIDelegate.
WKBackForwardListThe list of pages that can be reached by navigating forward or backward.
WKBackForwardListItemA page within a WebKit.WKBackForwardList.
WKErrorCodeEnumerates WebKit errors.
WKFrameInfoA frame within a page.
WKJavascriptEvaluationResultThe result of evaluating JavaScript code.
WKNavigationTracks the loading progress of a page.
WKNavigationActionInformation about a navigation action. Can be used for policy decisions.
WKNavigationActionPolicyContains values that enumerate whether to cancel or allow navigation actions.
WKNavigationDelegateDelegate object for WebKit.WKNavigation objects, provides methods relating to navigation and load policies.
WKNavigationDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the WebKit.IWKNavigationDelegate interface to support all the methods from the WebKit.WKNavigationDelegate protocol.
WKNavigationResponseInformation about a navigation response. Can be used for policy decisions.
WKNavigationResponsePolicyContains values that enumerate whether the response delegate should cancel or allow navigation.
WKNavigationTypeEnumerates the types of action that can cause navigation.
WKPreferencesPreference settings for a WebKit.WKWebView.
WKProcessPoolA pool of content processes.
WKScriptMessageA message sent from a Web page.
WKScriptMessageHandlerAllows messages from JavaScript to be handled by the app.
WKSelectionGranularityEnumerates values the controls how selections are created.
WKUIDelegateA delegate object that allows presenting native UI elements on behalf of a Web page.
WKUIDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the WebKit.IWKUIDelegate interface to support all the methods from the WebKit.WKUIDelegate protocol.
WKUserContentControllerAllows posting messages and injecting user scripts into a Web page.
WKUserScriptA script that can be injected into a Web page.
WKUserScriptInjectionTimeEnumerates values that indicate when to inject a script.
WKWebViewDisplays a Web page.
WKWebView+WKWebViewAppearanceAppearance class for objects of type WebKit.WKWebView.
WKWebViewConfigurationProperties configuring a WebKit.WKWebView.
WKWindowFeaturesWKWindowFeatures specifies optional attributes for the containing window when a new WKWebView is requested.