PushKit Namespace

Provides energy-efficient registration for VoIP notifications.


Push Kit, added in iOS 8, provides energy-efficient registration for Voice over IP notifications. There is no need to maintain a persistent connection to the server.

Applications that are registered to receive VoIP notifications with Push Kit will be automatically relaunched as necessary.


IPKPushRegistryDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol PushKit.PKPushRegistryDelegate.
PKPushCredentialsHolds the PushKit.PKPushCredentials.Token that holds the user's credentials.
PKPushPayloadContains a dictionary of data for a push operation.
PKPushRegistryAllows the developer to register for remote pushes.
PKPushRegistryDelegateCompletion handler for registering a push operation.
PKPushRegistryDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the PushKit.IPKPushRegistryDelegate interface to support all the methods from the PushKit.PKPushRegistryDelegate protocol.
PKPushTypeHolds the transports available for Push Kit (currently only Voice Over IP).