Photos Namespace

Allows apps to manipulate photo and video assets managed by the Photos App, including iCloud photos.


The Photos namespace, introduced in iOS 8, allows application developers to manipulate photos and videos managed by the Photos app, including iCloud photos.

Capabilities of the Photos namespace include:


IPHPhotoLibraryChangeObserverInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol Photos.PHPhotoLibraryChangeObserver.
PHAdjustmentDataApplication-specific "recipe" data for the most recent edit made to a Photos.PHAsset.
PHAssetA Photos.PHObject representing a single photo or video.
PHAssetBurstSelectionTypeIndicates whether the Photos app or the user selected an asset as a favorite.
PHAssetChangeRequestUsed within a Photos change block to create, update, or delete Photos.PHAsset objects.
PHAssetCollectionA collection of Photos.PHAssets.
PHAssetCollectionChangeRequestUsed within a Photos change block to create, update, or delete Photos.PHAssetCollection objects..
PHAssetCollectionSubtypeEnumerates values that describe the particular subtype (For example, time lapses, bursts, shared collections in the cloud, and etc.) of an asset collection.
PHAssetCollectionTypeEnumerates varieties of Photos.PHAssetCollection.
PHAssetContentEditingInputExtensionsExtension methods for Photos.PHAsset objects.
PHAssetEditOperationEnumerates values that indicate whether an operation edits or deletes an asset, changes its properties, or performs no action on the asset.
PHAssetImageProgressHandlerA continuation handler for that is called by the Photos application to show progress for an image request.
PHAssetMediaSubtypeEnumerates values that describe media subtypes. (HDR, panorama, streaming video, and etc.)
PHAssetMediaTypeEnumerates the forms of Photos.PHAsset.
PHAssetVideoProgressHandlerDelegate type used with Photos.PHVideoRequestOptions.ProgressHandler.
PHAuthorizationStatusEnumerates the current authorization allowed by the application user.
PHCachingImageManagerA Photos.PHImageManager that fetches or generates image data for Photos.PHAssets.
PHChangeSent by the system and encapsulate details about changes to a fetch result (see Photos.PHFetchResult) or Photos.PHObject instances.
PHChangeDetailEnumeratorEnumerates differences between snapshots of the objec at the specified indices.
PHCollectionAbstract collection of Photos.PHObjects. Concrete subtypes are Photos.PHAssetCollection and Photos.PHCollectionList.
PHCollectionEditOperationEnumerates values that describe the editing operations that can be performed on a collection.
PHCollectionListA list of Photos.PHAssetCollections.
PHCollectionListChangeRequestUsed within a Photos change block to create, update, or delete Photos.PHCollectionList objects..
PHCollectionListSubtypeEnumerates values that indicate the subtype of the collection.
PHCollectionListTypeEnumerates values that indicate whether a collection is a moment list, folder, or smart folder.
PHContentEditingHandlerCompletion handler for the Photos.PHAssetContentEditingInputExtensions.RequestContentEditingInput method.
PHContentEditingInputDescribes an editable Photos.PHAsset.
PHContentEditingInputRequestOptionsOptions used when requesting to edit an Photos.PHAsset.
PHContentEditingOutputDescribes the result of editing a Photos.PHAsset.
PHFetchOptionsOptions used when retrieving objects of type Photos.PHAsset, Photos.PHCollection, Photos.PHAssetCollection, or Photos.PHCollectionList.
PHFetchResultAn ordered list of Photos.PHObject objects.
PHFetchResultChangeDetailsDifferences between a fetch previously performed and what would be the results if the same fetch were performed now.
PHFetchResultEnumeratorEnumerates the assets in a fetch result.
PHImageContentModeEnumerates values that control how images are displayed.
PHImageDataHandlerCompletion handler for the Photos.PHImageManager.RequestImageData method.
PHImageKeysConstants indicating results of image loading. Used with Photos.PHImageManager.RequestImageForAsset, defines the keys and values passed to the Photos.PHImageResultsHandler .
PHImageManagerA singleton object that allows loading Photos.PHAsset objects.
PHImageManagerRequestAvAssetHandlerCompletion handle for the Photos.PHImageManager.RequestAvAsset method.
PHImageManagerRequestExportHandlerCompletion handler for the Photos.PHImagaManager.RequestExportSession method.
PHImageManagerRequestPlayerHandlerCompletion handler for the Photos.PHImageManager.RequestPlayerItem method.
PHImageRequestOptionsOptions used when retrieving images with the PHImageManager singleton.
PHImageRequestOptionsDeliveryModeEnumerates values that control the desired balance between speed and quality when retrieving image data.
PHImageRequestOptionsResizeModeEnumerates values that control the speed and accuracy of image resizing operations.
PHImageRequestOptionsVersionEnumerates values that control whether to retrieve edited or unedited versions of images.
PHImageResultHandlerCompletion handler for the Photos.PHImageManager.RequestImageForAsset method.
PHObjectAbstract class for elements within the Photos library; subclasses are individual Photos.PHAsssets, composite Photos.PHCollections, or not-yet-created Photos.PHPObjectPlaceholders.
PHObjectChangeDetailsHolds information between a fetched Photos object and the state of that asset or collection within the Photos library.
PHObjectPlaceholderA read-only proxy for an Photos.PHAsset or Photos.PHCollectionList that has not yet been created, but will be created via a sequence of change requests.
PHPhotoLibraryThe entire set of data managed by the Photos app. This includes both locally stored assets and, if user-enabled, assets stored in iCloud.
PHPhotoLibraryChangeObserverProvides methods relating to changes in the Photos.PHPhotoLibrary.
PHProgressHandlerContinuation handler for tracking image operation progress.
PHVideoRequestOptionsOptions used when retrieiving videos with the Photos.PHPhotoManager singleton.
PHVideoRequestOptionsDeliveryModeEnumerates values that balance the load time and quality of video when requesting video data.
PHVideoRequestOptionsVersionEnumerates values that control whether to return the edited or original version of a video asset.