PassKit Namespace

Access to the user's Passes.


IPKAddPassesViewControllerDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol PassKit.PKAddPassesViewControllerDelegate.
IPKPaymentAuthorizationViewControllerDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol PassKit.PKPaymentAuthorizationViewControllerDelegate.
PKAddPassesViewControllerA UIKit.UIViewController that manages the user experience of viewing a PassKit.PKPass and prompting the user to add it to the PassKit.PKPassLibrary.
PKAddPassesViewControllerDelegateA delegate object that gives the application developer fine-grained control over life-cycle events of a PassKit.PKAddPassesViewController object.
PKAddPassesViewControllerDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the PassKit.IPKAddPassesViewControllerDelegate interface to support all the methods from the PassKit.PKAddPassesViewControllerDelegate protocol.
PKAddressFieldHolds address information for billing or shipping purposes.
PKErrorCodeAn enumeration whose values specify error codes associated with PassKit operations.
PKMerchantCapabilityPayment processing capabilities of a merchant.
PKObjectBase class for PassKit.PKPass. Defines copy and encoding methods.
PKPassA pass, which is an abstraction of such things as tickets, boarding passes, or gift or loyalty cards.
PKPassKitErrorCodeAn enumeration whose values specify errors relating to the passes and passbook functionality.
PKPassLibraryRepresents the user's library of passes.
PKPassLibrary+NotificationsNotification posted by the PassKit.PKPassLibrary class.
PKPassLibraryAddPassesStatusAn enumeration whose values define possible results when passes are added.
PKPassLibraryUserInfoKeyA class whose static members represent keys to be used with the PassKit.PKPass.GetLocalizedValue method.
PKPassTypeEnumeration of pass types (whether a pass is a barcode or a summary).
PKPaymentThe result of an authorized payment request. Contains encrypted payment information.
PKPaymentAuthorizationEventArgsProvides data for the PassKit.PKPaymentAuthorizationEventArgs.DidAuthorizePayment event.
PKPaymentAuthorizationStatusEnumeration of results of authorization requests.
PKPaymentAuthorizationViewControllerStandard view controller that prompts the user to authorize a payment.
PKPaymentAuthorizationViewControllerDelegateDelegate object providing events relating to a payment authorization request made with a PassKit.PKPaymentAuthorizationViewController.
PKPaymentAuthorizationViewControllerDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the PassKit.IPKPaymentAuthorizationViewControllerDelegate interface to support all the methods from the PassKit.PKPaymentAuthorizationViewControllerDelegate protocol.
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PKPaymentButton+PKPaymentButtonAppearanceDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
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PKPaymentNetworkStandard values returned by Passkit.PKPayment.Network.
PKPaymentPassA provisioned payment card that may be used for in-app purchases. (All fields are read-only)
PKPaymentPassActivationStateEnumeration of valid states of a PassKit.PKPaymentPass payment card.
PKPaymentRequestThe main class for a payment request, including processing capabilities, amount request, and shipping information.
PKPaymentShippingAddressSelectedDelegate called when the user has selected a shipping address.
PKPaymentShippingAddressSelectedEventArgsProvides data for the PassKit.PKPaymentShippingAddressSelectedEventArgs.DidSelectShippingAddress event.
PKPaymentShippingMethodSelectedDelegate called when the user has selected a shipping method.
PKPaymentShippingMethodSelectedEventArgsProvides data for the PassKit.PKPaymentShippingMethodSelectedEventArgs.DidSelectShippingMethod event.
PKPaymentSummaryItemA summary item (such as grand total, tax, or discounts) within a payment request.
PKPaymentTokenThe user's payment credentials. All fields are read-only.
PKShippingMethodA shipping method for physical goods.
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