Pango Namespace

Pango provides advanced font and text handling that is used for Gdk and Gtk.


Pango project provides a framework for the layout and rendering of internationalized text. Pango uses Unicode for all of its encoding, and will eventually support output in all the worlds major languages.


AttrBackgroundAn attribute representing a background color
AttrFallbackAn attribute representing the font fallback state
AttrFamilyAn attribute representing a font family
AttrFontDescAn attribute that represents a Pango.FontDescription
AttrForegroundAn attribute representing a foreground color
AttrGravityGravity attribute.
AttrGravityHintGravity Hint attribute.
AttributeThis is the base class for all Pango text attributes
AttrIteratorUsed to represent an iterator through a Pango.List.
AttrLanguageAn attribute that represents a language
AttrLetterSpacingAn attribute representing letter spacing
AttrListRepresents a list of attributes that apply to a section of text.
AttrRiseAn attribute representing baseline displacement
AttrScaleAn attribute representing a font size scaling factor
AttrShapeAn attribute that imposes a shape restriction.
AttrSizeAn attribute that represents a font size.
AttrStretchAn attribute representing font stretch
AttrStrikethroughAn attribute indicating whether or not text is struck-through
AttrStrikethroughColorAn attribute representing the color of a strikethrough line
AttrStyleAn attribute representing a Pango.Style
AttrUnderlineAn attribute representing underlining
AttrUnderlineColorAn attribute representing the color of an underline
AttrVariantAn attribute representing Pango.Variant
AttrWeightAn attribute representing Pango.Weight
CairoHelperCairo-related method provider.
ContextStores global information used to control the itemization process.
CoverageRepresents a map from ISO-10646 character point to Pango.CoverageLevel.
EngineLangRendering-system independent script engines
EngineShape Rendering-system dependent script engines
FontUsed to represent a font in a rendering-system-independent matter.
FontDescriptionRepresents the description of an ideal font.
FontFaceUsed to represent a group of fonts with the same family, slant, weight, width, but varying sizes.
FontFamilyUsed to represent a family of related font faces.
FontMapRepresents the set of fonts available for a particular rendering system.
FontMetricsHolds the overall metric information for a font (possibly restricted to a script).
FontsetRepresents a set of Pango.Font to use when rendering text.
GlobalGlobal API elements for Pango. Most of these are utility functions.
GlyphStringUsed to store strings of glyphs with geometry and visual attribute information.
ItemStores information about a segment of text.
LanguageUsed to represent a language.
LayoutHigh-level driver for formatting entire paragraphs of text at once.
LayoutIterA Pango.LayoutIter can be used to iterate over the visual extents of a Pango.Layout.
LayoutLineRepresents one of the lines resulting from laying out a paragraph via Pango.Layout.
RendererDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
ScaleScale factors.
ScriptIterUsed to iterate through a string and identify ranges in different scripts.
TabArrayan object containing an array of tab stops.
UnitsConverts between Device units and Pango Units.


AnalysisThis structure stores information about the properties of a segment of text.
ColorThis structure is used to represent a color in an uncalibrated RGB colorspace.
GlyphGeometryContains width and positioning information for a single glyph.
GlyphInfoRepresents a single glyph together with positioning information and visual attributes.
GlyphItemA pair of a Pango.Item and the glyphs resulting from shaping the text corresponding to an item.
GlyphVisAttrUsed to communicate information between the shaping phase and the rendering phase.
LayoutRunThe Pango.LayoutRun structure represents a single run within a Pango.LayoutLine.
LogAttrStores information about the attributes of a single character.
MatrixA structure specifying a transformation between user-space coordinates and device coordinates.
RectangleRepresents a rectangle


AttrDataCopyFuncDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
AttrFilterFuncused by Pango.AttrList.Filter() to filter out a subset of attributes for a list.
CairoShapeRendererFuncCairoShape renderer callback delegate.
FontsetForeachFuncUsed by Pango.Fontset.Foreach() when enumerating the fonts in a fontset.


Alignment Describes how to align the lines of a Pango.Layout
AttrTypeThis enumeration is used to distinguish between different types of attributes.
CoverageLevelUsed to indicate how well a font can represent a particular ISO 10646 character point for a particular scrpt
DirectionRepresents the direction of writing for text
EllipsizeModeDescribes what sort of (if any) ellipsization should be applied to a line of text.
FontMaskTThe bits in a PangoFontMask correspond to fields in a PangoFontDescription that have been set.
GravityGravity enumeration.
GravityHintGravity Hint enumeration.
RenderPartThe part of the renderer to modify.
ScriptIdentifies different writing systems.
Stretch An enumeration specifying the width of the font relatives to other designs with the font family
Style An enumeration specific the various slant styles possible for a font
TabAlign This enumeration specifies where a tab stop appears relative to the text
Underline This enumeration is used to specify whether text should be underlined, and if so, the type of underlining.
VariantAn enumeration specifying capitalization variant of the font
WeightAn enumeration specifying the weight (boldness) of a font
WrapMode Describes how to wrap the lines of a Pango.Layout to the desired width