Org.Apache.Http.Util Namespace


Mostly utility classes with static helper methods for various purposes. The helper classes for resizable Org.Apache.Http.Util.ByteArrayBuffer and Org.Apache.Http.Util.CharArrayBuffer arrays do not fall into this category.


ByteArrayBufferA resizable byte array.
CharArrayBufferA resizable char array.
EncodingUtilsThe home for utility methods that handle various encoding tasks.
EntityUtilsStatic helpers for dealing with Org.Apache.Http.IHttpEntity.
ExceptionUtilsThe home for utility methods that handle various exception-related tasks.
LangUtilsA set of utility methods to help produce consistent Java.Lang.Object.Equals(Java.Lang.Object) and Java.Lang.Object.GetHashCode methods.
VersionInfoProvides access to version information for HTTP components.