Org.Apache.Http.Params Namespace


The parameterization framework for HTTP components.


AbstractHttpParamsAbstract base class for parameter collections.
BasicHttpParamsThis class represents a collection of HTTP protocol parameters.
CoreConnectionPNamesDefines parameter names for connections in HttpCore.
CoreConnectionPNamesConstsDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
CoreProtocolPNamesDefines parameter names for protocol execution in HttpCore.
CoreProtocolPNamesConstsDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
DefaultedHttpParams Org.Apache.Http.Params.IHttpParams implementation that delegates resolution of a parameter to the given default Org.Apache.Http.Params.IHttpParams instance if the parameter is not present in the local one.
HttpAbstractParamBean [Android Documentation]
HttpConnectionParamBean [Android Documentation]
HttpConnectionParamsAn adaptor for accessing connection parameters in Org.Apache.Http.Params.IHttpParams.
HttpConnectionParams+InterfaceConstsDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
HttpProtocolParamBean [Android Documentation]
HttpProtocolParamsThis class implements an adaptor around the Org.Apache.Http.Params.IHttpParams interface to simplify manipulation of the HTTP protocol specific parameters.
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IHttpParamsRepresents a collection of HTTP protocol and framework parameters.