Org.Apache.Http Namespace


The core interfaces and classes of the HTTP components. These deal with the fundamental things required for using the HTTP protocol, such as representing a Org.Apache.Http.IHttpMessage including it's Org.Apache.Http.IHeader and optional Org.Apache.Http.IHttpEntity, and Org.Apache.Http.IHttpConnection over which messages are sent. In order to prepare messages before sending or after receiving, there are interceptors for Org.Apache.Http.IHttpRequestInterceptor and Org.Apache.Http.IHttpResponseInterceptor.


ConnectionClosedExceptionIndicates that a connection has been closed.
HttpExceptionSignals that an HTTP exception has occurred.
HttpHostHolds all of the variables needed to describe an HTTP connection to a host.
HttpStatusConstants enumerating the HTTP status codes.
HttpStatusConstsDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
HttpVersionRepresents an HTTP version, as specified in RFC 2616.
IConnectionReuseStrategyInterface for deciding whether a connection should be kept alive.
IFormattedHeaderAn HTTP header which is already formatted.
IHeaderRepresents an HTTP header field.
IHeaderElementOne element of an HTTP Org.Apache.Http.IHeader value.
IHeaderElementIteratorA type-safe iterator for Org.Apache.Http.IHeaderElement objects.
IHeaderIteratorA type-safe iterator for Org.Apache.Http.IHeader objects.
IHttpClientConnectionAn HTTP connection for use on the client side.
IHttpClientConnectionExtensionsDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
IHttpConnectionA generic HTTP connection, useful on client and server side.
IHttpConnectionMetricsThe point of access to the statistics of an Org.Apache.Http.IHttpConnection.
IHttpEntityAn entity that can be sent or received with an HTTP message.
IHttpEntityEnclosingRequestA request with an entity.
IHttpEntityExtensionsDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
IHttpInetConnectionAn HTTP connection over the Internet Protocol (IP).
IHttpMessageA generic HTTP message.
IHttpRequestAn HTTP request.
IHttpRequestFactoryA factory for Org.Apache.Http.IHttpRequest objects.
IHttpRequestInterceptorProcesses a request.
IHttpResponseAn HTTP response.
IHttpResponseFactoryA factory for Org.Apache.Http.IHttpResponse objects.
IHttpResponseInterceptorProcesses a response.
IHttpServerConnectionAn HTTP connection for use on the server side.
IHttpServerConnectionExtensionsDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
INameValuePairDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
IReasonPhraseCatalogInterface for obtaining reason phrases for HTTP status codes.
IRequestLineThe first line of an Org.Apache.Http.IHttpRequest.
IStatusLineRepresents a status line as returned from a HTTP server.
ITokenIteratorAn iterator for Java.Lang.String tokens.
MalformedChunkCodingExceptionSignals a malformed chunked stream.
MethodNotSupportedExceptionIndicates that an HTTP method is not supported.
ParseExceptionIndicates a parse error.
ProtocolExceptionSignals that an HTTP protocol violation has occurred.
ProtocolVersionRepresents a protocol version, as specified in RFC 2616.
UnsupportedHttpVersionExceptionIndicates an unsupported version of the HTTP protocol.