ObjCRuntime Namespace

The Runtime to support binding Objective-C to Mono.


This namespace supports the Mono runtime extensions to integrate the Objective-C classes with the Mono managed runtime.


AdoptsAttributeAn attribute used to specify that a class adopts a specific Objective-C protocol.
ArchUsed to represent the host on which MonoTouch is running.
ArgumentSemanticRepresents the assignment semantics for properties.
AvailabilityAttributeDescribes the availability of a member or type in iOS or MacOS.
BaseWrapperBase class used by the bindinge generator to generate Protocol Wrapper Types.
BlockFlagsFlags for the BlockLiteral.
BlockLiteralWraps a ECMA CLI delegate (C# lambdas, anonymous methods or delegates) as an Objective-C block.
BlockProxyAttributeAttributed used to notify the runtime which class is used to wrap Objective-C blocks into C# delegates.
CategoryAttributeAttribute used to flag a class as a category that extends the API of another type.
ClassManaged representation for an Objective-C class.
DlfcnProvides access to the dynamic linker
Dlfcn+RTLDDynamic loader resolution flags.
INativeObjectA simple interface that is used to expose the unmanaged object pointer in various MonoTouch classes.
iOSAttributeAttribute indicating when an API was first introduced in iOS.
LinkTargetLink targets available for ObjCRuntime.LinkWithAttribute
LinkWithAttributeA LinkWith attribute specifies how the native library associated with the assembly should be linked to the resulting application.
MacAttributeAttribute indicating when an API was first introduced on MacOS.
NativeAttributeThis attributes is here to support the runtime.
PlatformEnumeration values for the various iOS and Mac platforms supported by Xamarin.
PlatformHelperUtilities for working with the ObjCRuntime.Platform enumeration.
ProtocolRepresentation of an Objective-C protocol.
ReleaseAttributeThis attribute indicates that the return value of a function is retained (the caller obtains a reference to the object returned).
RuntimeProvides information about the MonoTouch Runtime.
SelectorRepresents an Objective-C selector in managed code.
ThreadSafeAttributeA Attribute that indicates that a method or class is UIKit thread-safe.
TransientAttributeFlags a paramter in an NSObject subclass as being transient.
TypeConverterConverts Obj-C type encodings to managed types.