NotificationCenter Namespace

Support for widgets in the Today view.


The NotificationCenter namespace, added in iOS 8, allows the creations of widgets, that is, extensions to the Today view.


INCWidgetProvidingInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol NotificationCenter.NCWidgetProviding.
NCUpdateResultEnumerates values that describe what happened after the application developer attempted to change the state of a widget by using the NotificationCenter.NCWidgetProviding.WidgetPerformUpdate method.
NCWidgetControllerCoordinates the display of a widget's content with its containing app.
NCWidgetProvidingCustomizes the appearance and behavior of a widget.
NCWidgetProviding_ExtensionsExtension methods to the NotificationCenter.INCWidgetProviding interface to support all the methods from the NotificationCenter.NCWidgetProviding protocol.
UIVibrancyEffect_NotificationCenterDefines the appropriate vibrancy effect for widgets (extensions) displayed in the Today view.