NUnit.Framework.Internal Namespace

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AssemblyHelper AssemblyHelper provides static methods for working with assemblies.
CultureDetector CultureDetector is a helper class used by NUnit to determine whether a test should be run based on the current culture.
ExceptionHelper ExceptionHelper provides static methods for working with exceptions
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InvalidTestFixtureException InvalidTestFixtureException is thrown when an appropriate test fixture constructor using the provided arguments cannot be found.
MethodHelper MethodHelper provides static methods for working with methods.
NUnitException Thrown when an assertion failed. Here to preserve the inner exception and hence its stack trace.
NUnitLiteTestAssemblyBuilder DefaultTestAssemblyBuilder loads a single assembly and builds a TestSuite containing test fixtures present in the assembly.
NUnitLiteTestAssemblyRunner Default implementation of ITestAssemblyRunner
OSPlatform OSPlatform represents a particular operating system platform
OSPlatform+ProductType Product Type Enumeration used for Windows
ParameterizedFixtureSuite ParameterizedFixtureSuite serves as a container for the set of test fixtures created from a given Type using various parameters.
ParameterizedMethodSuite ParameterizedMethodSuite holds a collection of individual TestMethods with their arguments applied.
ParameterSet ParameterSet encapsulates method arguments and other selected parameters needed for constructing a parameterized test case.
PlatformHelper PlatformHelper class is used by the PlatformAttribute class to determine whether a platform is supported.
PropertyBag A PropertyBag represents a collection of name value pairs that allows duplicate entries with the same key. Methods are provided for adding a new pair as well as for setting a key to a single value. All keys are strings but values may be of any type. Null values are not permitted, since a null entry represents the absence of the key.
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PropertyNames The PropertyNames class provides static constants for the standard property names that NUnit uses on tests.
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Randomizer Randomizer returns a set of random values in a repeatable way, to allow re-running of tests if necessary.
Reflect Helper methods for inspecting a type by reflection. Many of these methods take ICustomAttributeProvider as an argument to avoid duplication, even though certain attributes can only appear on specific types of members, like MethodInfo or Type. In the case where a type is being examined for the presence of an attribute, interface or named member, the Reflect methods operate with the full name of the member being sought. This removes the necessity of the caller having a reference to the assembly that defines the item being sought and allows the NUnit core to inspect assemblies that reference an older version of the NUnit framework.
RuntimeFramework RuntimeFramework represents a particular version of a common language runtime implementation.
RuntimeType Enumeration identifying a common language runtime implementation.
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Test The Test abstract class represents a test within the framework.
TestAssembly TestAssembly is a TestSuite that represents the execution of tests in a managed assembly.
TestCaseResult Represents the result of running a single test case.
TestExecutionContext Helper class used to save and restore certain static or singleton settings in the environment that affect tests or which might be changed by the user tests. An internal class is used to hold settings and a stack of these objects is pushed and popped as Save and Restore are called. Static methods for each setting forward to the internal object on the top of the stack.
TestFilter Interface to be implemented by filters applied to tests. The filter applies when running the test, after it has been loaded, since this is the only time an ITest exists.
TestFixture TestFixture is a surrogate for a user test fixture class, containing one or more tests.
TestFixtureBuilder TestFixtureBuilder contains static methods for building TestFixtures from types. It uses builtin SuiteBuilders and any installed extensions to do it.
TestListener TestListener provides an implementation of ITestListener that does nothing. It is used only throught its NULL property.
TestMethod The TestMethod class represents a Test implemented as a method. Because of how exceptions are handled internally, this class must incorporate processing of expected exceptions. A change to the Test interface might make it easier to process exceptions in an object that aggregates a TestMethod in the future.
TestResult The TestResult class represents the result of a test.
TestSuite TestSuite represents a composite test, which contains other tests.
TestSuiteResult Represents the result of running a test suite
TextMessageWriter TextMessageWriter writes constraint descriptions and messages in displayable form as a text stream. It tailors the display of individual message components to form the standard message format of NUnit assertion failure messages.
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TypeHelper TypeHelper provides static methods that operate on Types.