MonoTouch.Security Namespace

Access to the key chain.


SecAccessControlClass that contains accessibility flags and access control object creation flags.
SecAccessControlCreateFlagsContains access control flags for creating keychain entries.
SecAccessibleAn enumeration whose values specify when a keychain item should be readable.
SecAuthenticationTypeAn enumeration whose values specify various types of authentication. Used with the MonoTouch.Security.SecRecord.AuthenticationType property.
SecCertificateRepresents digital certificates on iOS/OSX.
SecIdentityEncapsulate a security identity. A security identity comprises a certificate and its private key.
SecImportExportEncapsulates the import and export of identities and certificates.
SecKeyEncapsulates a security key, one half of a public-private key-pair.
SecKeyChainAccess to the operating system keychain.
SecKeyClassThe kind of cryptographic key
SecKeyTypeAn enumeration whose values specify the MonoTouch.Security.SecRecord.KeyType property.
SecKindThe kind of SecRecord.
SecMatchLimitKeys used to control query results.
SecPaddingAn enumeration whose values specify the type of padding to be used in encryption and decryption.
SecPolicyEncapsulates a security policy. A policy comprises a set of rules that specify how to evaluate a certificate for a certain level of trust.
SecPolicyIdentifierContains values that represent security policies.
SecPolicyPropertyKeyContains keys that index security policy data..
SecProtocolProtocol used for InternetPasswords
SecRecordTracks a set of properties from the keychain.
SecRevocationEnumerates certificate revocation methods.
SecStatusCodeStatus return from the SecKeyChain operations.
SecTrustA trust level. A trust object combines a certificate with a policy or policies.
SecTrustPropertyKeyContains keys that index certificate data by type.
SecTrustResultResult code for SecTrust.Evaluate
SecTrustResultKeyContains keys that index trust data.
SecurityExceptionAn exception based on a MonoTouch.Security.SecStatusCode.
SslAuthenticateEnumerates values that control when to use SSL.
SslCipherSuiteEnumerates available cipher suites.
SslClientCertificateStateEnumerates stages in an SSL client certificate exchange.
SslConnectionClass that represents an SSL connection.
SslConnectionTypeEnumerates types of SSL connections.
SslContextClass that encapsulates SSL session state..
SslProtocolEnumerates SSL protocols.
SslProtocolSideEnumerates values that indicate whether a server side or client side MonoTouch.Security.SslContext should be created.
SslSessionOptionEnumerates SSL session behavior options.
SslSessionStateEnumerates stages in the SSL session life cycle.
SslStatusEnumerates SSL connection status.
SslStreamConnectionClass that allows reading and writing to an SSL stream connection.