MonoTouch.JavaScriptCore Namespace

Evaluates JavaScript code, parses JSON, and allows manipulation of the JS environment.


To evaluate JavaScript from Xamarin.iOS, application developers instantiate a MonoTouch.JavaScriptCore.JSContext, manipulate objects in the JavaScript context by using the MonoTouch.JavaScriptCore.Item property, and call the MonoTouch.JavaScriptCore.JSContext.EvaluateScript method. Application developers will generally want to at least receive notice of JavaScript exceptions by assigning to the MonoTouch.JavaScriptCore.JSContext.ExceptionHandler property.


IJSExportInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol MonoTouch.JavaScriptCore.JSExport.
JSClassAttributesEnumerates class attributes.
JSContextEncapsulates a JavaScript engine.
JSContextExceptionHandlerThe delegate that can be used as the MonoTouch.JavaScriptCore.JSContext.ExceptionHandler.
JSExportProtocol for exporting Objective-C classes as JavaScript classes.
JSManagedValueClass that maintains a binding between a JavaScript and Objective-C value.
JSPropertyAttributesEnumerates attributes of properties.
JSPropertyDescriptorKeysContains keys that index property descriptors.
JSTypeAn enumeration whose values specify JavaScript types, including Object and undefined.
JSValueHolds a JavaScript value and provides type-testing and conversion functions.
JSVirtualMachineThe JavaScript Virtual Machine, allowing explicit reference-management.