Mono.Posix Namespace

The deprecated Mono.Posix namespace, use Mono.Unix instead.


This namespace provides functionality to access Posix/Unix features. It has been deprecated in favor of the new Mono.Unix namespace.


AccessModeRepresents the access mode of a task: read, write, execute or test if the file exists.
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FileModeThe FileMode enumeration describes file system modes (read,write,execute) as described in the POSIX standard
OpenFlagsMode with which the file will attempt to be opened.
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SignalsList of available signals.
StatEvery file has a unique INODE data structure. Mono's managed representation is the Stat struct. the Syscall.stat and Syscall.lstat methods return the Stat struct as an output parameter.
StatModeEnumeration representing various stat mode bitmasks
StatModeMasksBitmasks for various posix bit fields.
SyscallThe Syscall wrapper class makes it possible to execute the defined system calls. For more information on any of these system calls, the linux manual system (man) has exhaustive information on each syscall in section two: 'man 2 chdir' (or often 'man chdir(2)') for example would give information related to chdir, including error codes, which are in general not listed here.
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UnixEndPointA System.Net.EndPoint implementation for UNIX sockets as network addresses..
WaitOptionsWait options for the waitpid syscall method.