Mono.Data.Sqlite Namespace

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CollationEncodingEnum The encoding type the collation sequence uses
CollationSequence A struct describing the collating sequence a function is executing in
CollationTypeEnum The type of collating sequence
CommitEventArgs Event arguments raised when a transaction is being committed
FunctionType The type of user-defined function to declare
SqliteCommand SQLite implementation of DbCommand.
SqliteCommandBuilder SQLite implementation of DbCommandBuilder.
SQLiteCommitHandler Raised when a transaction is about to be committed. To roll back a transaction, set the rollbackTrans boolean value to true.
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SqliteConnectionSQLite implentation of DbConnection.
SqliteConnectionStringBuilder SQLite implementation of DbConnectionStringBuilder.
SqliteConvert This base class provides datatype conversion services for the SQLite provider.
SqliteDataAdapter SQLite implementation of DbDataAdapter.
SqliteDataReader SQLite implementation of DbDataReader.
SqliteDataSourceEnumeratorDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
SQLiteDateFormats This implementation of SQLite for ADO.NET can process date/time fields in databases in only one of three formats. Ticks, ISO8601 and JulianDay.
SQLiteErrorCode SQLite error codes
SqliteException SQLite exception class.
SqliteFactory SQLite implementation of DbProviderFactory.
SqliteFunction This abstract class is designed to handle user-defined functions easily. An instance of the derived class is made for each connection to the database.
SqliteFunctionAttribute A simple custom attribute to enable us to easily find user-defined functions in the loaded assemblies and initialize them in SQLite as connections are made.
SqliteFunctionEx Extends SqliteFunction and allows an inherited class to obtain the collating sequence associated with a function call.
SQLiteJournalModeEnum This enum determines how SQLite treats its journal file.
SqliteMetaDataCollectionNames MetaDataCollections specific to SQLite
SqliteParameter SQLite implementation of DbParameter.
SqliteParameterCollection SQLite implementation of DbParameterCollection.
SqliteTransaction SQLite implementation of DbTransaction.
SQLiteUpdateEventHandler Raised when data is inserted, updated and deleted on a given connection
SynchronizationModes The I/O file cache flushing behavior for the connection
TypeAffinity SQLite has very limited types, and is inherently text-based. The first 5 types below represent the sum of all types SQLite understands. The DateTime extension to the spec is for internal use only.
UpdateEventArgs Passed during an Update callback, these event arguments detail the type of update operation being performed on the given connection.
UpdateEventType Whenever an update event is triggered on a connection, this enum will indicate exactly what type of operation is being performed.