MapKit Namespace

Embeddable Maps for your application.


You can use MapKit to embed maps in your application and displaying points of interest on them.


IMKAnnotationInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol MapKit.MKAnnotation.
IMKMapViewDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol MapKit.MKMapViewDelegate.
IMKOverlayInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol MapKit.MKOverlay.
IMKReverseGeocoderDelegateInterface representing the required methods (if any) of the protocol MapKit.MKReverseGeocoderDelegate.
MKAnnotationProvides annotation information to the map view.
MKAnnotation_ExtensionsExtension methods to the MapKit.IMKAnnotation interface to support all the methods from the MapKit.MKAnnotation protocol.
MKAnnotationViewRepresents an annotation in the MapView, created on demand from MKAnnotation objects.
MKAnnotationView+MKAnnotationViewAppearanceAppearance class for objects of type MapKit.MKAnnotationView.
MKAnnotationViewDragStateAn enumeration of valid states for a dragged MapKit.MKAnnotationView.
MKAnnotationViewEventArgsProvides data for the MapKit.MKAnnotationViewEventArgs.DidDeselectAnnotationView and MapKit.MKAnnotationViewEventArgs.DidSelectAnnotationView events.
MKCircleThe data specifying a circular overlay on a map.
MKCircleRendererThe visual representation of a MapKit.MKCircle..
MKCircleViewThe visual representation of a MapKit.MKCircle. Developers targeting iOS 7 and later should instead use MapKit.MKCircleRenderer.
MKCircleView+MKCircleViewAppearanceAppearance class for objects of type MapKit.MKCircleView.
MKCoordinateRegionDefines a region of the map to display.
MKCoordinateSpanThe area spanned by a region of the map.
MKDidAddOverlayRenderersEventArgsProvides data for the MapKit.MKDidAddOverlayRenderersEventArgs.DidAddOverlayRenderers event.
MKDidFinishRenderingMapEventArgsProvides data for the MapKit.MKDidFinishRenderingMapEventArgs.DidFinishRenderingMap event.
MKDirectionsAn Apple-provided route to a destination.
MKDirectionsHandlerThe completion handler for calls to MapKit.MKDirections.CalculateDirections.
MKDirectionsModeAn enumeration of travel methods for which directions can be provided.
MKDirectionsRequestEncapsulates a request for travel directions.
MKDirectionsResponseA set of routing instructions provided by Apple.
MKDirectionsTransportTypeAn enumeration whose values specify the routing type for directions requests.
MKDistanceFormatterConverts between distances and localized strings.
MKDistanceFormatterUnitsAn enumeration whose values specify the units used with MapKit.MKDistanceFormatter.
MKDistanceFormatterUnitStyleAn enumeration whose values specify the length of a MapKit.MKDistanceFormatter string.
MKErrorCodeAn enumeration whose values represent various errors that can occur with MapKit.MKDirections.CalculateRoute and MapKit.MKDirections.CalculateETA.
MKETAHandlerThe completion handler for calls to MapKit.MKDirections.CalculateETA.
MKETAResponseTravel-time data returned by Apple servers. Used with MapKit.MKDirections.CalculateETA.
MKGeodesicPolylineAn MapKit.MKPolyline that represents the great-circle distance between two locations.
MKGeometryHelper class containing methods for calculating distances and latitude-dependent scales.
MKLaunchOptionsEncapsulates properties to be used with MapKit.MKMapItem.OpenInMaps.
MKLocalSearchEncapsulates a single map-based search.
MKLocalSearchCompletionHandlerA delegate that is used to handle the results of a map-based search.
MKLocalSearchRequestEncapsulate the request properties of a MapKit.MKLocalSearch map-based search.
MKLocalSearchResponseEncapsulates the response properties of a MapKit.MKLocalSearch map-based search.
MKMapCameraThe viewpoint that defines the perspective of the map.
MKMapItemInformation relating to a specific location on a map.
MKMapPointA location in a 2D map projection.
MKMapRectA rectangular area in a 2D map projection, measured in map points.
MKMapSizeThe extent of a 2D map projection as measured in map points.
MKMapSnapshotA visual snapshot of a MapKit.MKMapView, produced by MapKit.MKMapSnapshotter.
MKMapSnapshotCompletionHandlerThe completion handler for MapKit.MKMapSnapshotter.Start.
MKMapSnapshotOptionsA class that can be used with MapKit.MKMapSnapshotter() to specify various options for creating MapKit.MKMapSnapshots.
MKMapSnapshotterCreates a visual MapKit.MKMapSnapshot of the map, with all map tiles loaded.
MKMapTypeThe type of map.
MKMapViewEmbeddable Map View.
MKMapView+MKMapViewAppearanceAppearance class for objects of type MapKit.MKMapView.
MKMapViewAccessoryTappedEventArgsProvides data for the MapKit.MKMapViewAccessoryTappedEventArgs.CalloutAccessoryControlTapped event.
MKMapViewAnnotationSignature used to return a view from an annotation.
MKMapViewAnnotationEventArgsProvides data for the MapKit.MKMapViewAnnotationEventArgs.DidAddAnnotationViews event.
MKMapViewChangeEventArgsProvides data for the MapKit.MKMapViewChangeEventArgs.RegionChanged and MapKit.MKMapViewChangeEventArgs.RegionWillChange events.
MKMapViewDelegateUsed to receive notifications from an MKMapView.
MKMapViewDelegate_ExtensionsExtension methods to the MapKit.IMKMapViewDelegate interface to support all the methods from the MapKit.MKMapViewDelegate protocol.
MKMapViewDragStateEventArgsProvides data for the MapKit.MKMapViewDragStateEventArgs.ChangedDragState event.
MKMapViewOverlayThe delegate used by the MapKit.MKMapView.GetViewForOvleray property.
MKMultiPointThe base class for map shapes composed of multiple points.
MKOverlayDescribes a map annotation that combines a location and a geometric shape.
MKOverlay_ExtensionsExtension methods to the MapKit.IMKOverlay interface to support all the methods from the MapKit.MKOverlay protocol.
MKOverlayLevelAn enumeration whose value specify whether the overlay should render above roads, but beneath labels, etc..
MKOverlayPathRendererA MapKit.MKOverlayPathRenderer whose visual representation is a CoreGraphics.CGPath.
MKOverlayPathViewA MapKit.MKOverlayView whose visual reprepresentation is a CoreGraphics.CGPath. Developers targeting iOS 7 and later should instead use MapKit.MKOverlayPathRenderer.
MKOverlayPathView+MKOverlayPathViewAppearanceAppearance class for objects of type MapKit.MKOverlayPathView.
MKOverlayRendererThe visual representation of a MapKit.MKOverlay.
MKOverlayViewThe visual representation of a MapKit.MKOverlay. MapKit.MKOverlayRenderer should be used instead of this class in apps targeting iOS 7 and later.
MKOverlayView+MKOverlayViewAppearanceAppearance class for objects of type MapKit.MKOverlayView.
MKOverlayViewsEventArgsProvides data for the MapKit.MKOverlayViewsEventArgs.DidAddOverlayViews event.
MKPinAnnotationColorColor for map pins.
MKPinAnnotationViewRepresents a pin-like view that can be dropped on a map.
MKPinAnnotationView+MKPinAnnotationViewAppearanceAppearance class for objects of type MapKit.MKPinAnnotationView.
MKPlacemarkCombines a specific location with data such as country and human-meaningful strings (such as a street address).
MKPlacemarkAddressClass that contains address data for a place mark.
MKPointAnnotationA map annotation that associates a specific location with the meaningful strings (e.g., street address) of an MapKit.MKShape.
MKPolygonA map annotation that represents a closed polygon overlaid on a specific location.
MKPolygonRendererThe visual representation of an MapKit.MKPolygon annotation.
MKPolygonViewThe visual representation of an MapKit.MKPolygon annotation. Developers targeting iOS 7 and later should instead use MapKit.MKPolygonRenderer.
MKPolygonView+MKPolygonViewAppearanceAppearance class for objects of type MapKit.MKPolygonView.
MKPolylineA map annotation that represents a series of points that define an unclosed series of lines.
MKPolylineRendererThe visual representation of a MapKit.MKPolyline.
MKPolylineViewThe visual representation of an MapKit.MKPolyline. Application developers targeting iOS 7 and later should prefer to use MapKit.MKPolylineRenderer.
MKPolylineView+MKPolylineViewAppearanceAppearance class for objects of type MapKit.MKPolylineView.
MKRendererForOverlayDelegateThe function, specified by the MapKit.MKMapView.GetRendererForOverlay property, that calculates the proper renderer for a given MapKit.MKOverlay.
MKReverseGeocoderProvides conversion between a specific location to information about that location (e.g., street address).
MKReverseGeocoderDelegateWhen overridden, allows customization of events relating to the lifecycle of a MapKit.MKReverseGeocoder.
MKRouteA traveling route, which consists of a number of MapKit.MKRouteSteps.
MKRouteStepAn element in a MapKit.MKRoute, representing a single traveling instruction.
MKShapeBase class for shape-based map annotations.
MKTileOverlayAn MapKit.MKOverlay that can be used in lieue of, or on top of, iOS's native map tiles.
MKTileOverlayLoadTileCompletionHandlerThe completion handler for MapKit.MKTileOverlay.LoadTileAtPath.
MKTileOverlayPathEncapsulates the index values of a particular MapKit.MKTileOverlay.
MKTileOverlayRendererDraws a MapKit.MKTileOverlay on a MapKit.MKMapView.
MKUserLocationAn annotation that represents the user's current location on a map.
MKUserLocationEventArgsProvides data for the MapKit.MKUserLocationEventArgs.DidUpdateUserLocation event.
MKUserTrackingBarButtonItemA specialized UIKit.UIBarButtonItem that allows the user to see and control the active MapKit.MKUserTrackingMode .
MKUserTrackingBarButtonItem+MKUserTrackingBarButtonItemAppearanceAppearance class for objects of type MapKit.MKUserTrackingBarButtonItem.
MKUserTrackingModeAn enumeration of valid tracking modes.
MMapViewUserTrackingEventArgsProvides data for the MapKit.MMapViewUserTrackingEventArgs.DidChageUserTrackingMode and MapKit.MMapViewUserTrackingEventArgs.DidChangeUserTrackingMode events.