Javax.Sql Namespace

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ConnectionEventSent when specific events happen on a Javax.Sql.IPooledConnection object.
ICommonDataSourceInterface that defines the methods which are common between DataSource, XADataSource and ConnectionPoolDataSource.
IConnectionEventListenerAn interface used to receive events generated by a Javax.Sql.IPooledConnection.
IConnectionPoolDataSourceAn interface for the creation of ConnectionPoolDataSource objects.
IDataSourceAn interface for the creation of Connection objects which represent a connection to a database.
IPooledConnectionAn interface which provides facilities for handling connections to a database which are pooled.
IRowSetAn interface which provides means to access data which persists on a database.
IRowSetInternalAn interface provided by a RowSet object to let either a RowSetReader or a RowSetWriter access its internal state, thereby providing facilities to read and update the state of the RowSet.
IRowSetListenerAn interface used to send notification of events occurring in the context of a Javax.Sql.IRowSet.
IRowSetMetaDataAn interface which provides facilities for getting information about the columns in a RowSet.
IRowSetReaderAn interface which provides functionality for a disconnected RowSet to get data from a database into its rows.
IRowSetWriterAn interface which provides functionality for a disconnected RowSet to put data updates back to the data source from which the RowSet was originally populated.
IStatementEventListenerAn object that registers to be notified of events that occur on PreparedStatements that are in the Statement pool.
RowSetEventAn event which is sent when specific events happen to a Javax.Sql.IRowSet object.
StatementEventA statement event that a PreparedStatement is closed