Java.Util.Logging Namespace

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ConsoleHandlerA handler that writes log messages to the standard output stream System.err.
ErrorManagerAn error reporting facility for Java.Util.Logging.Handler implementations to record any error that may happen during logging.
FileHandlerA FileHandler writes logging records into a specified file or a rotating set of files.
Formatter Formatter objects are used to format Java.Util.Logging.LogRecord objects into a string representation.
HandlerA Handler object accepts a logging request and exports the desired messages to a target, for example, a file, the console, etc.
IFilterA Filter provides a mechanism for exercising fine-grained control over which records get logged.
ILoggingMXBean LoggingMXBean is the management interface for the logging sub-system.
Level Level objects are used to indicate the level of logging.
LoggerLoggers are used to log records to a variety of destinations such as log files or the console.
LoggingPermissionLegacy security code; do not use.
LogManager LogManager is used to maintain configuration properties of the logging framework, and to manage a hierarchical namespace of all named Logger objects.
LogRecordA LogRecord object represents a logging request.
MemoryHandlerA Handler put the description of log events into a cycled memory buffer.
SimpleFormatter SimpleFormatter can be used to print a summary of the information contained in a LogRecord object in a human readable format.
SocketHandlerA handler that writes log messages to a socket connection.
StreamHandlerA StreamHandler object writes log messages to an output stream, that is, objects of the class Java.IO.OutputStream.
XMLFormatterFormatter to convert a Java.Util.Logging.LogRecord into an XML string.