Java.Nio.Charset Namespace

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CharacterCodingExceptionA CharacterCodingException is thrown when an encoding or decoding error occurs.
CharsetA charset is a named mapping between Unicode characters and byte sequences.
CharsetDecoderA converter that can convert a byte sequence from a charset into a 16-bit Unicode character sequence.
CharsetEncoderTransforms a sequence of 16-bit Java characters to a byte sequence in some encoding.
CoderMalfunctionErrorA CoderMalfunctionError is thrown when the encoder/decoder is malfunctioning.
CoderResultUsed to indicate the result of encoding/decoding.
CodingErrorActionUsed to indicate what kind of actions to take in case of encoding/decoding errors.
IllegalCharsetNameExceptionAn IllegalCharsetNameException is thrown when an illegal charset name is encountered.
MalformedInputExceptionA MalformedInputException is thrown when a malformed input is encountered, for example if a byte sequence is illegal for the given charset.
StandardCharsetsConvenient access to the most important built-in charsets.
UnmappableCharacterExceptionAn UnmappableCharacterException is thrown when an unmappable character for the given charset is encountered.
UnsupportedCharsetExceptionAn UnsupportedCharsetException is thrown when an unsupported charset name is encountered.