Java.Nio Namespace

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BufferA buffer is a list of elements of a specific primitive type.
BufferOverflowExceptionA BufferOverflowException is thrown when elements are written to a buffer but there is not enough remaining space in the buffer.
BufferUnderflowExceptionA BufferUnderflowException is thrown when elements are read from a buffer but there are not enough remaining elements in the buffer.
ByteBufferA buffer for bytes.
ByteOrderDefines byte order constants.
CharBufferA buffer of chars.
DoubleBufferA buffer of doubles.
FloatBufferA buffer of floats.
IntBufferA buffer of ints.
InvalidMarkExceptionAn InvalidMarkException is thrown when reset() is called on a buffer, but no mark has been set previously.
LongBufferA buffer of longs.
MappedByteBuffer MappedByteBuffer is a special kind of direct byte buffer which maps a region of file to memory.
ReadOnlyBufferExceptionA ReadOnlyBufferException is thrown when some write operation is called on a read-only buffer.
ShortBufferA buffer of shorts.