Java.Net Namespace

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AuthenticatorAn implementation of this class is able to obtain authentication information for a connection in several ways.
Authenticator+RequestorTypeEnumeration class for the origin of the authentication request.
BindExceptionA BindException is thrown when a process cannot bind a local address/port, either because it is already bound or reserved by the OS.
CacheRequest CacheRequest is a kind of channel for storing resource data in the ResponseCache.
CacheResponseA response cache entry.
ConnectExceptionA ConnectException is thrown if a connection cannot be established to a remote host on a specific port.
ContentHandlerThis class converts the content of a certain format (i.e. a MIME type) into a Java type object.
CookieHandlerThis class provides a way to manage cookies with a HTTP protocol handler.
CookieManagerThis class provides a concrete implementation of CookieHandler.
CookiePolicyCookiePolicy has three pre-defined policy.
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DatagramPacketThis class represents a datagram packet which contains data either to be sent or received through a DatagramSocket.
DatagramSocketThis class implements a UDP socket for sending and receiving DatagramPacket.
DatagramSocketImplThe abstract superclass for datagram and multicast socket implementations.
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HttpCookieAn opaque key-value value pair held by an HTTP client to permit a stateful session with an HTTP server.
HttpRetryExceptionIf a HTTP request has to be retried, this exception will be thrown if the request cannot be retried automatically.
HttpStatusEnumerates values returned by several types and taken as a parameter of the Java.Net.HttpRetryException..ctor, and Java.Net.HttpRetryException..ctor members.
HttpURLConnectionAn Java.Net.URLConnection for HTTP () used to send and receive data over the web.
IContentHandlerFactoryDefines a factory which is responsible for creating a ContentHandler.
ICookiePolicyCookiePolicy has three pre-defined policy.
ICookieStoreA CookieStore object is a repository for cookies.
IDatagramSocketImplFactoryThis interface defines a factory for datagram socket implementations.
IDNConverts internationalized domain names between Unicode and the ASCII Compatible Encoding (ACE) representation.
IDNFlagsEnumerates values returned by several types and taken as a parameter of the Java.Net.IDN.ToASCII, and Java.Net.IDN.ToUnicode members.
IFileNameMapDefines a scheme for mapping a filename type to a MIME content type.
Inet4AddressAn IPv4 address.
Inet6AddressAn IPv6 address.
InetAddressAn Internet Protocol (IP) address.
InetSocketAddressThis class represents a socket endpoint described by a IP address and a port number.
InterfaceAddressIdentifies one of a network interface's addresses.
ISocketImplFactoryThis interface defines a factory for socket implementations.
ISocketOptionsDefines an interface for socket implementations to get and set socket options.
IURLStreamHandlerFactoryDefines a factory which creates an URLStreamHandler for a specified protocol.
JarURLConnectionThis class establishes a connection to a jar: URL using the JAR protocol.
MalformedURLExceptionThis exception is thrown when a program attempts to create an URL from an incorrect specification.
MulticastSocketThis class implements a multicast socket for sending and receiving IP multicast datagram packets.
NetPermissionLegacy security code; do not use.
NetworkInterfaceThis class is used to represent a network interface of the local device.
NoRouteToHostExceptionThe NoRouteToHostException will be thrown while attempting to connect to a remote host but the host cannot be reached for instance because of a badly configured router or a blocking firewall.
PasswordAuthenticationThis immutable class is a data structure that encapsulates username and password which is used by the Authenticator class.
PortUnreachableExceptionThis PortUnreachableException will be thrown if an ICMP_Port_Unreachable message has been received.
ProtocolExceptionSignals that either a connection attempt to a socket of the wrong type, the application of an unsupported operation or that a general error in the underlying protocol has occurred.
ProxyThis class represents proxy server settings.
Proxy+Type Enum class for the proxy type.
ProxySelectorSelects the proxy server to use, if any, when connecting to a given URL.
ResponseCacheCaches URLConnection responses.
SecureCacheResponseA secure cache response represents data which is originally retrieved over a secure connection.
ServerSocketThis class represents a server-side socket that waits for incoming client connections.
SocketProvides a client-side TCP socket.
SocketAddressThis abstract class represents a protocol-independent base for socket-endpoint representing classes.
SocketExceptionThis SocketException may be thrown during socket creation or setting options, and is the superclass of all other socket related exceptions.
SocketImplThis class is the base of all streaming socket implementation classes.
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SocketOptionEnumerates values returned by several types.
SocketOptionsDefines an interface for socket implementations to get and set socket options.
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SocketPermissionLegacy security code; do not use.
SocketTimeoutExceptionThis exception is thrown when a timeout expired on a socket read or accept operation.
UnknownHostExceptionThrown when a hostname can not be resolved.
UnknownServiceExceptionIs thrown if no appropriate ContentHandler could be found for a particular service requested by the URL connection.
URIA Uniform Resource Identifier that identifies an abstract or physical resource, as specified by .
URISyntaxExceptionA URISyntaxException will be thrown if some information could not be parsed while creating a URI.
URLA Uniform Resource Locator that identifies the location of an Internet resource as specified by .
URLClassLoaderThis class loader is responsible for loading classes and resources from a list of URLs which can refer to either directories or JAR files.
URLConnectionA connection to a URL for reading or writing.
URLDecoderThis class is used to decode a string which is encoded in the application/x-www-form-urlencoded MIME content type.
URLEncoderThis class is used to encode a string using the format required by application/x-www-form-urlencoded MIME content type.
URLStreamHandlerThe abstract class URLStreamHandler is the base for all classes which can handle the communication with a URL object over a particular protocol type.