Gtk Namespace

The Gtk Widget set.


Gtk is a library for creating graphical user interfaces. It works on many UNIX-like platforms, Windows, and on framebuffer devices. Gtk is released under the GNU Library General Public License (GNU LGPL), which allows for flexible licensing of client applications.


AboutDialogThis class extends k.Dialog, providing a dialog to show information about a program.
AccelAccel Class
AccelActivateArgsThis class extends GLib.SignalArgs with information about an activated accelerator.
AccelCanActivateArgsObject to encapsulate arguments to a Gtk.AccelCanActivateHandler.
AccelChangedArgsEvent data.
AccelClearedArgsEvent data.
AccelEditedArgsEvent data.
AcceleratorAn accelerator.
AccelGroupGroups of global keyboard accelerators for an entire GtkWindow
AccelLabelA widget that displays an accelerator key on the right of the text.
AccelMapGlobal accelerator map for an entire application.
AcceptPositionArgsEvent data.
AccessibleThis class requests Atk.Object instances for the UI components that provide useful information to the user.
ActionAn action which can be triggered by a menu or toolbar item.
ActionActivatedArgsEvent data.
ActionGroupA group of actions
ActivateCurrentArgsEvent data.
ActivateCursorItemArgsEvent data.
AddedArgsEvent data.
AddWidgetArgsEvent data.
AdjustBoundsArgsEvent data.
AdjustmentEncapsulates an adjustable bounded value.
AlignmentA container that controls the alignment and size of its child.
ApplicationApplication class
ArrowProduces an Arrow pointing in one of four cardinal directions.
AspectFrameA frame that constrains its child to a particular aspect ratio.
AssistantDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
Assistant.AssistantChildDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
BeginPrintArgsEvent data.
BinA container with just one child.
BindingAttributeRegisters a key binding for a class.
BindingsKey bindings for individual widgets.
BoxA Box is a Gtk container that holds an arbitrary number of widgets. This means its sole purpose is to provide layout, size and spacing for other widgets.
Box.BoxChildA child of a Gtk.Box, used to interact with its container child properties.
BuilderDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
ButtonA widget that creates a signal when clicked on.
ButtonBoxButtonBox is a container for laying out Gtk.Button widgets.
ButtonBox.ButtonBoxChildA child of a Gtk.ButtonBox, used to interact with its container child properties.
ButtonPressEventArgsEvent data.
ButtonReleaseEventArgsEvent data.
CalendarDisplay a Calendar and/or allow the user to select a date.
CancelPositionArgsEvent data.
CellEditableAdapterCellEditable interface adapter.
CellLayoutAdapterCellLayout interface adapter.
CellRendererAn object for rendering a single cell on a Gdk.Drawable
CellRendererAccelDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
CellRendererComboRenders a combobox in a cell
CellRendererPixbufRenders a Gdk.Pixbuf
CellRendererProgressRenders numbers as progress bars
CellRendererSpinCell renderer with Spin Button editing capability.
CellRendererTextRenders text in a cell
CellRendererToggleRenders a Gtk.ToggleButton or a Gtk.RadioButton
CellViewA widget displaying a single row of a Gtk.TreeModel
ChangeCurrentPageArgsEvent data.
ChangedArgsEvent data.
ChangeValueArgsEvent data.
CheckButtonA Gtk.CheckButton places a discrete Gtk.ToggleButton next to a widget.
CheckMenuItemA menu item with a check box.
ChildAnchorInsertedArgsEvent data.
ChildAttachedArgsEvent data.
ChildDetachedArgsEvent data.
ChildNotifiedArgsEvent data.
ChildPropertyAttributeAttribute used to label a Gtk.Container child property
ClientEventArgsEvent data.
ClipboardAn object that stores clipboard data.
ColorButtonA button which displays the currently selected color and allows opening of a color selection dialog to change the color.
ColorSelectionA widget for selecting a color.
ColorSelectionDialogA standard dialog box for selecting a color.
ColorSelectionDialog.ColorSelectionButtonFor internal use.
ComboA text entry field with a dropdown list
ComboBoxA widget used to choose from a list of items.
ComboBoxEntryA text entry field with a dropdown list
CommitArgsEvent data.
ConfigureEventArgsEvent data.
ConfirmOverwriteArgsConfirmOverwrite event arguments.
ConnectProxyArgsEvent data.
ContainerBase class for widgets which contain other widgets
Container.ContainerChildA mixin class for expressing the relation between a container widget and its child widget(s).
CreateCustomWidgetArgsEvent data.
CreateMenuProxyArgsEvent data.
CreateWindowArgsDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
CurrentParagraphAlignmentChangedArgsEvent data.
CurrentParagraphIndentationChangedArgsEvent data.
CurrentParagraphStyleChangedArgsEvent data.
CursorMoveArgsEvent data.
CursorOnMatchArgsDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
CurveThe Gtk.Curve widget allows the user to edit a curve covering a range of values.
CustomWidgetApplyArgsEvent data.
CycleChildFocusArgsEvent data.
CycleHandleFocusArgsEvent data.
DeleteEventArgsEvent data.
DeleteFromCursorArgsEvent data.
DeleteRangeArgsEvent data for deleting a range of text.
DestroyEventArgsEvent data.
DetailsAcquiredArgsEvent data.
DialogCreates popup windows.
DirectionChangedArgsEvent data.
DisableDeviceArgsEvent data.
DisconnectProxyArgsEvent data.
DoneArgsEvent data.
DragMethods for controlling drag and drop handling.
DragBeginArgsEvent data.
DragDataDeleteArgsEvent data.
DragDataGetArgsEvent data.
DragDataReceivedArgsEvent data.
DragDropArgsEvent data.
DragEndArgsEvent data.
DragFailedArgsDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
DragLeaveArgsEvent data.
DragMotionArgsEvent data.
DrawA class for drawing various shapes; mostly obsolete.
DrawGdkArgsEvent data.
DrawingAreaThe Gtk.DrawingArea widget is used for creating custom user interface elements.
DrawPageArgsEvent data.
DrawPrintArgsEvent data.
EditableAdapterEditable interface adapter.
EditedArgsEvent data.
EditingStartedArgsEvent data.
EnableDeviceArgsEvent data.
EndPrintArgsEvent data.
EnterNotifyEventArgsEvent data.
EntryAn Entry is a single-line text entry widget.
EntryCompletion This object allows a widget to suggest possible completions of a string which has been partially entered.
EventBoxA widget used to catch events for widgets which do not have their own window.
ExpandCollapseCursorRowArgsEvent data.
ExpanderA container which can hide its child
ExposeEventArgsEvent data.
FileChooserButtonA button to launch a file selection dialog
FileChooserDialogGtk.FileChooserDialog is a dialog box suitable for use with "File/Open" or "File/Save as" commands. This widget works by putting a Gtk.FileChooserWidget inside a Gtk.Dialog. It exposes the Gtk.FileChooser interface, so you can use all of the Gtk.FileChooser functions on the file chooser dialog as well as those for Gtk.Dialog.
FileChooserWidgetWidget to allow the selection of files from a directory.
FileFilterThis class sets up a filter to include or exclude particular kinds of files; useful in file selection dialogs.
FileSelectionCreates a new dialog for the user to select one or more files, directories, or cancel.
FileSelection.FSButton Helper class for Gtk.Buttons embedded inside a Gtk.FileSelection
FixedA container which allows you to position widgets at fixed coordinates
Fixed.FixedChildA child of a Gtk.Fixed, used to interact with its container child properties.
FocusChildSetArgsEvent data.
FocusedArgsEvent data.
FocusInEventArgsEvent data.
FocusOutEventArgsEvent data.
FocusTabArgsEvent data.
FontButtonThis class extends Gtk.Button, providing an simple button for font selection.
FontSelectionA FontSelection is a widget that allows the user to select a font.
FontSelectionDialogA FontSelectionDialog is a widget that opens a window requesting the user to select a font
FormatValueArgsEvent data.
FrameA Gtk.Bin with a decorative frame and optional Gtk.Label.
FrameEventArgsEvent data.
GammaCurveThe Gtk.GammaCurve widget is a variant of Gtk.Curve specifically for editing gamma curves, which are used in graphics applications such as the Gimp.
GcA shell around Gdk.GC; represents a graphics context.
GlobalGlobal API elements for Gtk
GotPageSizeArgsEvent data.
GrabGrab methods allow you to limit the keyboard and mouse interaction to a particular widget or window.
GrabBrokenEventArgsGrabBroken event args.
GrabNotifyArgsEvent data.
HandleBoxA container with a handle and a detachable child widget.
HBoxAn HBox is a specific type of Gtk.Container for packing widgets horizontally.
HButtonBoxA button box should be used to provide a consistent layout of buttons throughout your application. This box provides a way of laying out buttons horizontally.
HelpShownArgsEvent data.
HierarchyChangedArgsEvent data.
HPanedA container for two children, separated horizontally by a splitter bar.
HRulerA horizontal ruler.
HScaleA horizontal slider widget for selecting a value from a range.
HScrollbarA horizontal scrollbar
HSeparatorThe HSeparator widget is a horizontal separator, used to group the widgets within a window.
HSVA color selector based on hue, saturation, and value.
HTMLLightweight HTML rendering widget.
HTMLClassPropertiesA properties class for Gtk.HTML.
HTMLEmbeddedEmbeds an HTML object.
HTMLStreamHandles streaming I/O for Gtk.HTML.
IconMethods for handling icon properties.
IconFactoryAn icon factory manages a collection of Gtk.IconSet
IconInfoContains information found when looking up an icon in an icon theme.
IconSet A Gtk.IconSet represents a single icon in various sizes and widget states.
IconSource A GtkIconSource contains a Gdk.Pixbuf (or image filename) that serves as the base image for one or more of the icons in a Gtk.IconSet, along with a specification for which icons in the icon set will be based on that pixbuf or image file. An icon set contains a set of icons that represent the same logical concept in different states, different global text directions, and different sizes.
IconThemeLooks up icons by name
IconViewA widget which displays a list of icons in a grid
IframeCreatedArgsEvent data.
ImageGtk.Widget used to display an image.
ImageMenuItemA Gtk.MenuItem with an icon.
IMContextA base class for input method contexts.
IMContextSimple An input method context supporting table-based input methods.
IMMulticontext An input method context object that manages the use of multiple input method contexts for a widget
InitAn object that gets invoked at the beginning of an application but before the application main loop starts. It's used largely for application setup--- for example, reading RC files.
InputInput-handling code for the main loop of programs.
InputArgsEvent data.
InputDialogConfigure devices for the XInput extension.
InsertAtCursorArgsEvent data.
InsertionColorChangedArgsEvent data.
InsertionFontStyleChangedArgsEvent data.
InsertTextArgsEvent data.
InvisibleThe Gtk.Invisible widget is used for reliable pointer grabs and selection handling in the code for drag-and-drop.
ItemAbstract base class for Gtk.MenuItem, Gtk.ListItem and Gtk.TreeItem.
ItemActivatedArgsEvent data.
ItemFactoryA factory for menus.
KeyAn object for keys that are independent of keyboard focus--- global hotkeys, which execute Gtk.KeySnoopFunc functions.
KeyPressEventArgsEvent data.
KeyReleaseEventArgsEvent data.
LabelA widget that displays a small to medium amount of text
LayoutInfinite scrollable area containing child widgets and/or custom drawing
Layout.LayoutChildA child of a Gtk.Layout, used to interact with its container child properties.
LeaveNotifyEventArgsEvent data.
LinkButtonDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
LinkClickedArgsEvent data.
ListStoreThe ListStore is a columned list data structure to be used with Gtk.TreeView widget.
MainMain loop event processing class.
MapChangedArgsEvent data.
MapEventArgsEvent data.
MarkDeletedArgsEvent data.
MarkSetArgsEvent data.
MatchSelectedArgsEvent data.
MenuA Gtk.Menu is a Gtk.MenuShell that implements a drop down menu.
Menu.MenuChildA child of a Gtk.Menu, used to interact with its container child properties.
MenuBarThe MenuBar is a subclass of MenuShell which contains one to many MenuItem.
MenuItemA widget used for items in menus.
MenuShellA GtkMenuShell is the abstract base class used to derive the GtkMenu and GtkMenuBar subclasses.
MenuToolButtonDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
MessageDialogConvenient message window
MiscA base class for widgets with alignments and padding.
MnemonicActivatedArgsEvent data.
MnemonicHashDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
MotionNotifyEventArgsEvent data.
MoveArgsEvent data.
MoveCurrentArgsEvent data.
MoveCursorArgsEvent data.
MoveFocusArgsEvent data.
MoveFocusOutArgsEvent data.
MoveHandleArgsEvent data.
MoveSelectedArgsDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
MoveSliderArgsEvent data.
NodeSelectionAccessing and manipulates the selected rows of a Gtk.NodeView.
NodeStoreA store for Gtk.TreeView that provides data from an arbitrary class. It is simpler to use than the Gtk.ListStore.
NodeViewTree and List view.
NoExposeEventArgsEvent data.
NotebookNotebook widget container.
Notebook.NotebookChildA child of a Gtk.Notebook, used to interact with its container child properties.
NotebookPageThis class has been deprecated.
Object Base class for the Gtk object hierarchy.
ObjectDeleteArgsDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
ObjectInsertedArgsDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
ObjectRequestedArgsEvent data.
OnCommandArgsEvent data.
OnUrlArgsEvent data.
OptionMenuA widget used to choose from a list of valid choices.
OrientationChangedArgsEvent data.
OutputArgsEvent data.
OwnerChangeArgsEvent data.
PageAddedArgsArgs for .
PageHorizontallyArgsEvent data.
PageRemovedArgsArguments for Gtk.PageRemovedHandler.
PageReorderedArgsArguments for Gtk.PageReorderedHandler events.
PageSetupDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
PageSetupUnixDialogDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
PaginateArgsEvent data.
PanedBase class for containers that have two children separated by an adjustable pane.
Paned.PanedChildA child of a Gtk.Paned, used to interact with its container child properties.
PaperSizeDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
ParentSetArgsEvent data.
PixbufInsertedArgsEvent data.
PlugToplevel for embedding into other processes.
PlugRemovedArgsEvent data.
PopulatePopupArgsEvent data for populating a popup.
PopupContextMenuArgsEvent data.
PopupMenuArgsEvent data.
PostActivateArgsEvent data.
PreActivateArgsEvent data.
PrefixInsertedArgsEvent data.
PrepareArgsEvent data.
PreviewArgsEvent data.
PrintGlobal Printing methods.
PrintBackendDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
PrintContextDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
PrinterDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
PrinterAddedArgsEvent data.
PrinterOptionDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
PrinterOptionSetPrinter option set class.
PrinterOptionWidgetDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
PrinterRemovedArgsEvent data.
PrinterStatusChangedArgsEvent data.
PrintJobPrint job class.
PrintOperationDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
PrintOperationPreviewAdapterPrintOperationPreview interface adapter.
PrintSettingsDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
PrintUnixDialogUnix print dialog.
ProgressBarA widget which indicates progress visually.
PropertyNotifyEventArgsEvent data.
ProximityInEventArgsEvent data.
ProximityOutEventArgsEvent data.
QueryTooltipArgsDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
QuitObject to encapsulate code for running at the end of program execution.
RadioActionAn action controlled by a radio button.
RadioButtonA choice from multiple buttons in a group.
RadioMenuItemA radio-style control (pick one of a list of options) for a menu.
RadioToolButtonA radio-button control for a toolbar.
RangeBase class for widgets that visualize an Gtk.Adjustment.
RcObject for rc-file handling--- for example, ~/.gtkrc--- and application style and default setting. Rc files can be used to set the colors of just about any widget, and they can also be used to tile pixmaps onto the background of some widgets.
RcStyleAn object for handling a Gtk.Style and representing it in the context of an RC file.
ReadyArgsEvent data.
RecentActionDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
RecentChooserAdapterRecentChooser interface adapter.
RecentChooserDefaultDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
RecentChooserDialogDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
RecentChooserMenuDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
RecentChooserWidgetDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
RecentFilterDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
RecentInfoDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
RecentManagerDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
RedirectArgsEvent data.
RemovedArgsEvent data.
ReorderTabArgsEvent data.
RequestPageSetupArgsEvent data.
ResponseArgsEvent data.
RetrieveSurroundingArgsEvent data.
RowActivatedArgsEvent data.
RowChangedArgsEvent data.
RowCollapsedArgsEvent data.
RowDeletedArgsEvent data.
RowExpandedArgsEvent data.
RowHasChildToggledArgsEvent data.
RowInsertedArgsEvent data.
RowsReorderedArgsEvent data.
RulerA base class for ruler widgets.
ScaleA base class for the concrete slider widgets; Gtk.HScale and Gtk.VScale.
ScaleButtonDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
ScreenChangedArgsEvent data.
ScrollAdjustmentsSetArgsEvent data.
ScrollArgsEvent data.
ScrollbarBase class for Gtk.HScrollbar and Gtk.VScrollbar.
ScrollChildArgsEvent data.
ScrolledWindowAdds scrollbars to its child widget.
ScrollEventArgsEvent data.
SelectAllArgsEvent data.
SelectCursorParentArgsEvent data.
SelectCursorRowArgsEvent data.
SelectionObject to represent a selection.
SelectionClearEventArgsEvent data.
SelectionDataA type to represent data that's selected as part of a drag-and-drop or clipboard operation.
SelectionGetArgsEvent data.
SelectionNotifyEventArgsEvent data.
SelectionReceivedArgsEvent data.
SelectionRequestEventArgsEvent data.
SelectPageArgsEvent data.
SeparatorThe Gtk.Separator widget is an abstract class, used only for deriving the subclasses Gtk.HSeparator and Gtk.VSeparator.
SeparatorMenuItemA separator used in menus.
SeparatorToolItemSeparator object for toolbars.
SetBaseArgsEvent data.
SetBaseTargetArgsEvent data.
SetFocusArgsEvent data.
SettingsMaintains application settings for Gtk.Widget objects attached to a toplevel.
SettingsPropertyValueA value for a Gtk.Settings property.
SizeAllocatedArgsEvent data.
SizeChangedArgsEvent data.
SizeGroupGroup widgets so they request the same size.
SizeRequestedArgsEvent data.
SocketContainer for widgets from other processes.
SpinButtonRetrieve an integer or floating-point number from the user.
StartInteractiveSearchArgsEvent data.
StateChangedArgsEvent data.
StatusbarReport messages of minor importance to the user.
StatusIconStatus Icon.
StockPrebuilt common menu/toolbar items and corresponding icons
StockManagerthis class manages the Gtk.StockItems
StyleMethods for drawing widget parts.
StyleChangedArgsEvent data.
StyleSetArgsEvent data.
SubmitArgsEvent data.
SurroundingDeletedArgsEvent data.
SwitchPageArgsEvent data.
TablePack widgets in grid/table patterns.
Table.TableChildA child of a Gtk.Table, used to interact with its container child properties.
TagAddedArgsEvent data for when a tag is added to text.
TagAppliedArgsEvent data.
TagChangedArgsEvent data for changing a tag.
TagRemovedArgsEvent data for when a tag is removed.
TargetDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
TargetListA list of potential targets for a paste or drag-and-drop operation.
TargetsDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
TearoffMenuItem a menu item used to tear off and reattach its menu.
TestCollapseRowArgsEvent data.
TestExpandRowArgsEvent data.
TextAttributesAn object to represent the possible attributes of text in a Gtk.TextView
TextBufferThis class stores formatted text for display in a Gtk.TextView.
TextChildAnchorA spot in the buffer where child widgets can be "anchored" (inserted inline, as if they were characters).
TextDeletedArgsEvent data.
TextEventArgsEvent data.
TextInsertedArgsEvent data.
TextMark A Gtk.TextMark is like a bookmark in a text buffer; it preserves a position in the text.
TextPendingScrollDo not use.
TextPoppedArgsPasses data to handlers of Gtk.Statusbar.TextPoppedHandler events.
TextPushedArgsPasses data to handlers of Gtk.Statusbar.TextPushedHandler events.
TextTag A tag that can be applied to text in a Gtk.TextBuffer
TextTagTable A tag table defines a set of tags
TextViewWidget that displays a Gtk.TextBuffer
TextWindowA basic window type that contains text.
ThemeEngineAn object wrapper for a Gtk theme engine.
ThreadNotifyMulti-threaded integration with Gtk support.
TimeoutRegisters a method to be called periodically.
TitleChangedArgsEvent data.
ToggleActionAn action which can be toggled between two states
ToggleButtonA button that can be toggled on and off.
ToggleCursorRowArgsEvent data.
ToggledArgsEvent data.
ToggleHandleFocusArgsEvent data.
ToggleSizeAllocatedArgsEvent data.
ToggleSizeRequestedArgsEvent data.
ToggleToolButtonA base class for toolbar buttons that behave like toggles.
ToolbarCreate bars of buttons and other widgets.
Toolbar.ToolbarChildA child of a Gtk.Toolbar, used to interact with its container child properties.
ToolButtonA button for a toolbar.
ToolItemThe base class of widgets that can be added to a Gtk.Toolbar. Current inheritors are: Gtk.ToolButton and Gtk.SeparatorToolItem.
TooltipDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
TooltipsAdd Tooltips to your widgets.
TooltipSetArgsEvent data.
TrayIconPrivate X11-only TrayIcon type.
TreeA tree widget.
TreeDragDestAdapterTreeDragDest interface adapter.
TreeDragSourceAdapterTreeDragSource interface adapter.
TreeModelAdapterTreeModel interface adapter.
TreeModelFilterAn object designed to filter the contents of a column or columns in a Gtk.TreeModel for display.
TreeModelSortA class that makes an underlying Gtk.TreeModel sortable.
TreeNodeTreeNode abstract class
TreeNodeAttributeAn attribute to specify tree node information of a class.
TreeNodeValueAttributeAn attribute to identify a property as a tree node column value.
TreePathRepresents a particular node of a Gtk.TreeView.
TreeRowReferenceInternal struct. Do not use.
TreeSelectionThe selection object for Gtk.TreeView.
TreeSortableAdapterTreeSortable interface adapter.
TreeStoreA tree-like data structure that can be used with the Gtk.TreeView
TreeViewA widget for displaying both trees and lists.
TreeViewColumnA visible column in a Gtk.TreeView widget.
UIManagerConstructs menus and toolbars from an XML description
UnmapEventArgsEvent data.
UnselectAllArgsEvent data.
UrlRequestedArgsEvent data.
ValueChangedArgsDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
VBoxA VBox is a specific type of Gtk.Container for packing widgets vertically.
VButtonBoxA button box should be used to provide a consistent layout of buttons throughout your application. This box provides a way of laying out buttons vertically.
ViewportA Gtk.Container that allows a scrollable view of its child when added to a Gtk.ScrolledWindow.
VisibilityNotifyEventArgsEvent data.
VolumeButtonDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
VPanedA container for two children, separated vertically by a splitter bar.
VRulerA vertical ruler.
VScaleA vertical slider widget for selecting a value from a range.
VScrollbarA vertical scrollbar
VSeparatorThe Gtk.VSeparator is a vertical separator, used to group the widgets within a window.
WidgetGtkWidget introduces style properties - these are basically object properties that are stored in the style object associated to the widget.
WidgetEventAfterArgsEvent data.
WidgetEventArgsEvent data.
Win32EmbedWidgetDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
WindowToplevel widget which can contain other widgets.

C# Example

using System;
using Gtk;

class WindowTester {
	static void Main ()
		Application.Init ();
		Window myWindow = new Window ("This is a window");
		myWindow.DeleteEvent += OnDelete;
		myWindow.SetDefaultSize (200, 200);

		//Put a button in the Window
		Button button = new Button ("Click");
		myWindow.Add (button);
		myWindow.ShowAll ();
		Application.Run ();

	static void OnDelete (object o, DeleteEventArgs e)
		Application.Quit ();
WindowGroupLimit the effect of grabs
WindowStateEventArgsEvent data.


CellEditableAn interface for editing a single cell.
CellEditableImplementorCellEditable implementor interface.
CellLayoutManages layout for table cells.
CellLayoutImplementorCellLayout implementor interface.
EditableInterface for text-editing widgets.
EditableImplementorEditable implementor interface.
FileChooserInterface for a file-chooser.
ITreeNodeTree Node navigation and update notification interface
PrintOperationPreviewDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
PrintOperationPreviewImplementorPrintOperationPreview implementor interface.
RecentChooserDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
RecentChooserImplementorRecentChooser implementor interface.
TreeDragDestAn interface to represent the rows of a tree when something is drag-and-dropped onto them.
TreeDragDestImplementorTreeDragDest implementor interface.
TreeDragSourceAn interface to represent the rows of a tree when one of them is dragged to another location.
TreeDragSourceImplementorTreeDragSource implementor interface.
TreeModelThe tree interface used by Gtk.TreeView
TreeModelImplementorTreeModel implementor interface.
TreeSortableAn interface for specifying a tree model that is sortable.
TreeSortableImplementorTreeSortable implementor interface.


AccelGroupEntryOne item within a Gtk.AccelGroup.
AccelKeyA class for holding information about a key that gets used as an accelerator.
ActionEntryA struct containing all the info necessary for creating an Gtk.Action
ArgDo not use.
Container.CallbackInvokerAn class to invoke callback methods; mostly internal. Used by Gtk.Container.ForAll.
FileFilterInfoUsed to pass information about files to Gtk.FileFilter.Filter.
HTMLEditorAPIHooks for an HTML editor. Currently unsupported in Gtk#.
ImageIconNameDataDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
ItemFactoryEntryClass intended for use with Gtk.ItemFactory.
MenuEntryClass for use with Gtk.ItemFactory in generating menus.
PageRangePage range structure.
PrintWin32DevnamesInternal structure.
RadioActionEntryA struct containing all the info necessary for creating an Gtk.RadioAction
RcPropertyFor internal use only. Do not use.
RecentDataDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
RecentFilterInfoDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
RequisitionA GtkRequisition represents the desired size of a widget.
RulerMetricInformation about measurement units on Gtk.Ruler objects.
SettingsValueData for Gtk.Settings.
StockItemContains information about a related Gtk.Stock object.
TargetEntryA potential target for a drag-and-drop operation; one row in a Gtk.TargetTable.
TargetPairDo not use.
TextAppearanceThis is used by Gtk.TextAttributes for color and position details about text.
TextIterText buffer iterator
ToggleActionEntryA struct containing all the info necessary for creating an Gtk.ToggleAction
TooltipsDataThe data needed for a Gtk.Tooltips object.
TreeIterThe Gtk.TreeIter is the primary structure for accessing a tree row.


AboutDialogActivateLinkFuncThe type of the method which is called when a URL or email link in an Gtk.AboutDialog.
AccelActivateHandlerThis type of method is used for handling Gtk.AccelGroup.AccelActivate events.
AccelCanActivateHandlerDelegate for determining whether an accelerator can activate a particular widget; see Gtk.Widget.AccelCanActivate
AccelChangedHandlerEvent handler.
AccelClearedHandlerEvent handler.
AccelEditedHandlerEvent handler.
AccelGroupActivateA delegate to activate all the accelerators in a given Gtk.AccelGroup.
AccelGroupFindFuncA delegate to locate a particular accelerator.
AccelMapForeachA delegate for running over each entry in an accelerator.
AcceptPositionHandlerEvent handler.
ActionActivatedHandlerEvent handler.
ActivateCurrentHandlerEvent handler.
ActivateCursorItemHandlerEvent handler.
AddedHandlerEvent handler.
AddWidgetHandlerEvent handler.
AdjustBoundsHandlerEvent handler.
AssistantPageFuncDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
BeginPrintHandlerEvent handler.
BuilderConnectFuncDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
ButtonPressEventHandlerRepresents a method that will handle a button press event
ButtonReleaseEventHandlerEvent handler.
CallbackA delegate that can be run over a series of widgets.
CallbackMarshalDelegate for specifying a function signature for marshalling callbacks.
CancelPositionHandlerEvent handler.
CellLayoutDataFunc Delegate class used as an argument for Gtk.CellLayout.SetCellDataFunc; see that method's documentation for usage details.
ChangeCurrentPageHandlerEvent handler.
ChangedHandlerEvent handler.
ChangeValueHandlerEvent handler.
ChildAnchorInsertedHandlerEvent handler.
ChildAttachedHandlerEvent handler.
ChildDetachedHandlerEvent handler.
ChildNotifiedHandlerEvent handler.
ClientEventHandlerEvent handler.
Clipboard.RichTextReceivedFuncClipboard RichTextReceived Callback Delegate.
ClipboardClearFuncDelegate for a function to run when the clipboard is cleared.
ClipboardGetFuncDelegate for a function to call when getting data from the clipboard.
ClipboardImageReceivedFuncDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
ClipboardReceivedFuncDelegate that specifies the shape of methods that run when the clipboard receives data.
ClipboardTargetsReceivedFuncDelegate class for Gtk.Clipboard.RequestTargets; called with a list of possible targets for clipboard data. See that method's documentation for more details.
ClipboardTextReceivedFuncDelegate for a function to be called when an application receives text from the clipboard.
ColorSelectionChangePaletteFuncDelegate to specify function signature for methods that change the color palette in a Gtk.ColorSelectionDialog.
ColorSelectionChangePaletteWithScreenFuncDo not use.
CommitHandlerEvent handler.
ConfigureEventHandlerEvent handler.
ConfirmOverwriteHandlerHandler for ConfirmOverwrite events.
ConnectProxyHandlerEvent handler.
CreateCustomWidgetHandlerEvent handler.
CreateMenuProxyHandlerEvent handler.
CreateWindowHandlerDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
CurrentParagraphAlignmentChangedHandlerEvent handler.
CurrentParagraphIndentationChangedHandlerEvent handler.
CurrentParagraphStyleChangedHandlerEvent handler.
CursorMoveHandlerEvent handler.
CursorOnMatchHandlerDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
CustomWidgetApplyHandlerEvent handler.
CycleChildFocusHandlerEvent handler.
CycleHandleFocusHandlerEvent handler.
DeleteEventHandlerEvent handler.
DeleteFromCursorHandlerEvent handler.
DeleteRangeHandlerEvent handler.
DestroyEventHandlerEvent handler.
DestroyNotifyA delegate run by some callbacks before object destruction.
DetailsAcquiredHandlerEvent handler.
DirectionChangedHandlerEvent handler.
DisableDeviceHandlerEvent handler.
DisconnectProxyHandlerEvent handler.
DoneHandlerEvent handler.
DragBeginHandlerEvent handler.
DragDataDeleteHandlerEvent handler.
DragDataGetHandlerEvent handler.
DragDataReceivedHandlerEvent handler.
DragDropHandlerEvent handler.
DragEndHandlerEvent handler.
DragFailedHandlerDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
DragLeaveHandlerEvent handler.
DragMotionHandlerEvent handler.
DrawGdkHandlerEvent handler.
DrawPageHandlerEvent handler.
DrawPrintHandlerEvent handler.
EditedHandlerEvent handler.
EditingStartedHandlerEvent handler.
EnableDeviceHandlerEvent handler.
EndPrintHandlerEvent handler.
EnterNotifyEventHandlerEvent handler.
EntryCompletionMatchFuncDelegate class for callback methods; used by Gtk.EntryCompletion.SetMatchFunc. See that method's documentation for details.
ExpandCollapseCursorRowHandlerEvent handler.
ExposeEventHandlerEvent handler.
FileFilterFuncDelegate class for Gtk.FileFilter.SetCustom; see that method's documentation for more details.
FocusChildSetHandlerEvent handler.
FocusedHandlerEvent handler.
FocusInEventHandlerEvent handler.
FocusOutEventHandlerEvent handler.
FocusTabHandlerEvent handler.
FormatValueHandlerEvent handler.
FrameEventHandlerEvent handler.
FunctionA delegate for representing a function with a boolean return value.
GotPageSizeHandlerEvent handler.
GrabBrokenEventHandlerGrabBrokenEvent handler.
GrabNotifyHandlerEvent handler.
HelpShownHandlerEvent handler.
HierarchyChangedHandlerEvent handler.
HTMLPrintCalcHeightDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
HTMLPrintCallbackDelegate for printing page framing elements.
HTMLPrintDrawFuncDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
HTMLSaveReceiverFnA delegate to receive HTML content from Gtk.HTML.Export. In most cases, a delegate of this form probably saves HTML to a file, prints it, or similar.
HTMLStreamCloseFuncA delegate for use with Gtk.HTMLStream. Meant to be used for closing the stream.
HTMLStreamTypesFuncA delegate for use with Gtk.HTMLStream.
HTMLStreamWriteFuncA delegate for use with Gtk.HTMLStream. Meant to be used for writing the stream.
IconViewForeachFuncDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
IframeCreatedHandlerEvent handler.
InputHandlerEvent handler.
InsertAtCursorHandlerEvent handler.
InsertionColorChangedHandlerEvent handler.
InsertionFontStyleChangedHandlerEvent handler.
InsertTextHandlerEvent handler.
ItemActivatedHandlerEvent handler.
ItemFactoryCallbackDelegate function to be invoked by Gtk.ItemFactory.
ItemFactoryCallback1Delegate function to be invoked by Gtk.ItemFactory.
KeyPressEventHandlerEvent handler.
KeyReleaseEventHandlerEvent handler.
KeySnoopFuncA function to be invoked by a global hot-key (a Gtk.Key, regardless of keyboard focus.
LeaveNotifyEventHandlerEvent handler.
LinkButtonUriFuncDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
LinkClickedHandlerEvent handler.
MapChangedHandlerEvent handler.
MapEventHandlerEvent handler.
MarkDeletedHandlerEvent handler.
MarkSetHandlerEvent handler.
MatchSelectedHandlerEvent handler.
MenuCallbackDo not use.
MenuDetachFuncA delegate for a function that will be called when the user invokes Gtk.Menu.Detach.
MenuPositionFuncA delegate function for positioning a popup menu.
MnemonicActivatedHandlerEvent handler.
MnemonicHashForeachDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
MotionNotifyEventHandlerEvent handler.
MoveCurrentHandlerEvent handler.
MoveCursorHandlerEvent handler.
MoveFocusHandlerEvent handler.
MoveFocusOutHandlerEvent handler.
MoveHandleHandlerEvent handler.
MoveHandlerEvent handler.
MoveSelectedHandlerDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
MoveSliderHandlerEvent handler.
NodeCellDataFuncCallback type to initialize a cell renderers attributes.
NoExposeEventHandlerEvent handler.
NotebookWindowCreationFuncDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
ObjectDeleteHandlerDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
ObjectInsertedHandlerDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
ObjectRequestedHandlerEvent handler.
OnCommandHandlerEvent handler.
OnUrlHandlerEvent handler.
OrientationChangedHandlerEvent handler.
OutputHandlerEvent handler.
OwnerChangeHandlerEvent handler.
PageAddedHandlerEvent handler for Gtk.Notebook.PageAdded events.
PageHorizontallyHandlerEvent handler.
PageRemovedHandlerEvent handler for Gtk.Notebook.PageRemoved events.
PageReorderedHandlerEvent Handler for Gtk.Notebook.PageReordered events.
PageSetupDoneFuncPage Setup Done callback delegate.
PaginateHandlerEvent handler.
ParentSetHandlerEvent handler.
PixbufInsertedHandlerEvent handler.
PlugRemovedHandlerEvent handler.
PopulatePopupHandlerEvent handler.
PopupContextMenuHandlerEvent handler.
PopupMenuHandlerEvent handler.
PostActivateHandlerEvent handler.
PreActivateHandlerEvent handler.
PrefixInsertedHandlerEvent handler.
PrepareHandlerEvent handler.
PreviewHandlerEvent handler.
PrinterAddedHandlerEvent handler.
PrinterFuncPrinter enumeration callback delegate.
PrinterOptionSetFuncPrinter option setting callback delegate.
PrinterRemovedHandlerEvent handler.
PrinterStatusChangedHandlerEvent handler.
PrintFuncDelegate for printing.
PrintJobCompleteFuncPrint job completion callback delegate.
PrintSettingsFuncDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
PropertyNotifyEventHandlerEvent handler.
ProximityInEventHandlerEvent handler.
ProximityOutEventHandlerEvent handler.
QueryTooltipHandlerDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
RcPropertyParserDelegate class for parsing property values in RC files.
ReadyEventDelegate specifying a signature for functions that run whenever Gtk.ThreadNotify.WakeupMain () is invoked.
ReadyHandlerEvent handler.
RecentFilterFuncRecent Filter callback delegate.
RecentSortFuncRecent chooser sorting delegate.
RedirectHandlerEvent handler.
RemovedHandlerEvent handler.
ReorderTabHandlerEvent handler.
RequestPageSetupHandlerEvent handler.
ResponseHandlerEvent handler.
RetrieveSurroundingHandlerEvent handler.
RowActivatedHandlerEvent handler.
RowChangedHandlerEvent handler.
RowCollapsedHandlerEvent handler.
RowDeletedHandlerEvent handler.
RowExpandedHandlerEvent handler.
RowHasChildToggledHandlerEvent handler.
RowInsertedHandlerEvent handler.
RowsReorderedHandlerEvent handler.
ScreenChangedHandlerEvent handler.
ScrollAdjustmentsSetHandlerEvent handler.
ScrollChildHandlerEvent handler.
ScrollEventHandlerEvent handler.
ScrollHandlerEvent handler.
SelectAllHandlerEvent handler.
SelectCursorParentHandlerEvent handler.
SelectCursorRowHandlerEvent handler.
SelectionClearEventHandlerEvent handler.
SelectionGetHandlerEvent handler.
SelectionNotifyEventHandlerEvent handler.
SelectionReceivedHandlerEvent handler.
SelectionRequestEventHandlerEvent handler.
SelectPageHandlerEvent handler.
SetBaseHandlerEvent handler.
SetBaseTargetHandlerEvent handler.
SetFocusHandlerEvent handler.
SignalFuncDeprecated. Do not use.
SizeAllocatedHandlerEvent handler.
SizeChangedHandlerEvent handler.
SizeRequestedHandlerEvent handler.
StartInteractiveSearchHandlerEvent handler.
StateChangedHandlerEvent handler.
StyleChangedHandlerEvent handler.
StyleSetHandlerEvent handler.
SubmitHandlerEvent handler.
SurroundingDeletedHandlerEvent handler.
SwitchPageHandlerEvent handler.
TagAddedHandlerEvent handler.
TagAppliedHandlerEvent handler.
TagChangedHandlerEvent handler.
TagRemovedHandlerEvent handler.
TestCollapseRowHandlerEvent handler.
TestExpandRowHandlerEvent handler.
TextBufferDeserializeFuncDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
TextBufferSerializeFuncDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
TextCharPredicateA delegate to be run over each character of a text buffer.
TextDeletedHandlerEvent handler.
TextEventHandlerEvent handler.
TextInsertedHandlerEvent handler.
TextPoppedHandlerAn event that is raised when messages are popped from the message stack of a Gtk.Statusbar.
TextPushedHandlerAn event that is raised when messages are pushed onto the message stack of a Gtk.Statusbar.
TextTagTableForeachA delegate function to be run on every Gtk.TextTag in a Gtk.TextTagTable.
TitleChangedHandlerEvent handler.
ToggleCursorRowHandlerEvent handler.
ToggledHandlerEvent handler.
ToggleHandleFocusHandlerEvent handler.
ToggleSizeAllocatedHandlerEvent handler.
ToggleSizeRequestedHandlerEvent handler.
TooltipSetHandlerEvent handler.
TranslateFuncDelegate used by Gtk.ItemFactory to translate path elements before they are displayed.
TreeCellDataFuncA delegate for methods that handle tree cell data.
TreeDestroyCountFuncDelegate class for use by Gtk.TreeView.SetDestroyCountFunc. Almost never used; see that method's docs to find out why you might want to use it.
TreeIterCompareFuncDelegate function to specify the shape of comparison functions for tree iterators.
TreeModelFilterModifyFuncDelegate class for methods to modify a tree.
TreeModelFilterVisibleFuncDelegate class for methods run when part of a tree is made visible.
TreeModelForeachFuncA delegate class for functions that can be run on every row of a ..
TreeNodeAddedHandlerTreeNodeAddedHandler delegate
TreeNodeRemovedHandlerTreeNodeRemovedHandler delegate
TreeSelectionForeachFuncA delegate class for functions that can be run on every element of a Gtk.TreeSelection.
TreeSelectionFuncA delegate for specifying the shape of functions passed as parameters to Gtk.TreeSelection.SetSelectFunction().
TreeViewColumnDropFuncA delegate type to specify a function signature for saying where a dragged column may be dropped.
TreeViewMappingFuncA delegate to specify the signature of a function to be called on a set of Gtk.TreeView rows that are expanded.
TreeViewRowSeparatorFuncDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
TreeViewSearchEqualFuncA delegate to specify a compare function for interactive searching.
TreeViewSearchPositionFuncTreeView search position callback delegate.
UnmapEventHandlerEvent handler. Called whenever a widget is unmapped--- that is, whenever its window is hidden.
UnselectAllHandlerEvent handler.
UrlRequestedHandlerEvent handler.
ValueChangedHandlerDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
VisibilityNotifyEventHandlerEvent handler.
WidgetEventAfterHandlerEvent handler.
WidgetEventHandlerEvent handler.
WindowKeysForeachFuncDelegate class.
WindowStateEventHandlerEvent handler.


AccelFlagsAn enumeration used by AccelLabel
AnchorTypeA type to indicate an anchor position.
ArrowTypeUsed to indicate the direction in which a Gtk.Arrow should point.
AssistantPageTypeDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
AttachOptionsDenotes the expansion properties that a Gtk.Widget will have when it (or its parent) is resized.
BuilderErrorDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
ButtonBoxStyleUsed to dictate the style that a Gtk.ButtonBox uses to layout the buttons it contains. (See also: Gtk.VButtonBox and Gtk.HButtonBox).
ButtonsTypeAn enumeration used by the Gtk.MessageDialog class.
CalendarDisplayOptionsRepresents different styles and display options for a Gtk.Calendar.
CellRendererAccelModeCell Renderer Accelerator Mode enumeration.
CellRendererModeIdentifies how the user can interact with a particular cell.
CellRendererStateTells how a cell is to be rendered.
CornerTypeSpecifies which corner a child widget should be placed in when packed into a Gtk.ScrolledWindow. This is effectively the opposite of where the scroll bars are placed.
CurveTypeThe method to use when making the curve.
DeleteTypeAn enumeration used by TextView
DestDefaults An enumeration to specify the various courses of action that will be taken on behalf of the user for a destination site of a drag and drop operation.
DialogFlagsFlags used in Gtk.Dialog creation.
DirectionTypeAn enumeration used by TextView and Window
DragResultDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
ExpanderStyleSpecifies the expanded/collapsed state of an expander.
FileChooserActionDescribes whether a Gtk.FileChooserWidget is being used to open existing files or to save to a possibly new file.
FileChooserConfirmationFile Chooser Confirmation results.
FileChooserErrorThese identify the various errors that can occur while calling Gtk.FileChooser functions.
FileFilterFlagsThis object represents a bitfield of flags that list the needed fields when calling Gtk.FileFilter.Filter.
HTMLBeginFlagsFlags for how to begin processing a chunk of HTML.
HTMLCommandTypeEnumeration of commands that GtkHTML knows how to respond to.
HTMLCursorSkipTypeUnits for allowing the HTML widget's cursor to skip.
HTMLEditorEventTypeEnumeration of possible kinds of HTML editing events.
HTMLFontStyleEnumeration of possible font styles within a Gtk.HTML widget.
HTMLFontStyleShiftEnumeration for how HTML font styles can be changed.
HTMLParagraphAlignmentEnumeration for representing the possible alignment of paragraphs.
HTMLParagraphStyleEnumeration of paragraph styles possible in Gtk.HTML.
HTMLStreamStatusAn enumeration of possible statuses for an HTML stream.
IconLookupFlagsUsed to specify options for Gtk.IconTheme.LookupIcon()
IconSizeThe possible icon sizes
IconThemeErrorError codes for Gtk.IconTheme operations.
IconViewDropPositionIconView Drop locations.
ImageTypeDescribes the image data representation used by a Gtk.Image.
JustificationUsed for justifying the text inside a Gtk.Label widget.
LoadStateLoad State enumeration.
LocationModeLocation Mode enumeration.
MatchTypeDeprecated. Do not use.
MenuDirectionTypeAn enumeration used by MenuShell.
MessageTypeAn enumeration used by Gtk.MessageDialog.
MetricTypeAn enumeration used to determine which unit of measurement is currently being used.
MovementStepAn enumeration used by Gtk.Label to decide how the cursor will move.
NotebookTabAn enumeration of tabs that can be found in every Gtk.Notebook.
OrientationAn enumeration storing the current orientation.
PackDirectionMenu Item packing directions.
PackTypeRepresents the packing location of Gtk.Box children. (See: Gtk.VBox, Gtk.HBox, and Gtk.ButtonBox).
PageOrientationPage Orientation enumeration.
PageSetDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
PolicyTypeDetermines when a Gtk.Scrollbar will be visible.
PositionTypeIndicates a position for placement or layout.
PreviewTypeInternal Enum for printing. Do not use.
PrintBackendErrorPrint backend error enumeration.
PrintCapabilitiesPrintCapabilites enumeration.
PrintDuplexDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
PrinterOptionTypePrinterOptionType enumeration.
PrintErrorPrint error enumeration.
PrintOperationActionPrint operation action enumeration.
PrintOperationResultDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
PrintPagesPrintPages enumeration.
PrintQualityPrint quality enumeration.
PrintStatusPrintStatus enumeration.
ProgressBarOrientationAn enumeration representing possible orientations and growth directions for the visible Gtk.ProgressBar.
ProgressBarStyleAn enumeration representing the styles for drawing the Gtk.ProgressBar.
RecentChooserErrorDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
RecentChooserPropDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
RecentFilterFlagsDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
RecentManagerErrorDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
RecentSortTypeDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
ReliefStyleThis enumeration provides the possible values for the relief style for a Gtk.Button.
ReloadStateReload State enumeration.
ResizeModeAn enumeration used by Container
ResponseType This enumeration contains the response signals that are emitted by a Gtk.Dialog.
ScrollStepScrollStep enum
ScrollTypeAn enumeration used by ScrolledWindow and Range.
SelectionModeAn enumeration used by TreeSelection.
SensitivityTypeDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
ShadowTypeUsed to change the appearance of an outline typically provided by a Gtk.Frame.
SideTypeGtk.SideType is deprecated and should not be used in newly-written code.
SizeGroupModeDetermine the direction that is affected by a Gtk.SizeGroup.
SortTypeDetermines the direction of a sort.
SpinButtonUpdatePolicyDictates how a Gtk.SpinButton is refreshed when its value is updated.
SpinTypeRepresents a type of spin, used by Gtk.SpinButton.
StateTypeAn enumeration used to indicate the visual state of a Gtk.Widget.
SubmenuDirectionEnumeration for direction of submenus.
SubmenuPlacementEnumeration for placement of submenus.
TargetFlagsThe Gtk.TargetFlags enumeration is used to specify constraints on an entry in a Gtk.TargetTable.
TextBufferTargetInfoDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
TextDirectionAn enumeration used to indicate the reading direction of a Gtk.Widget.
TextSearchFlagsFlags for searching text.
TextWindowTypeAn enumeration used to identify areas of the Gtk.TextView.
ToolbarChildTypeSet the type of new elements that are added to a Gtk.Toolbar.
ToolbarStyleAn enumeration used by Toolbar
TreeModelFlagsThese flags indicate various properties of a Gtk.TreeModel.
TreeViewColumnSizingThe sizing method the column uses to determine its width.
TreeViewDropPositionAn enumeration for determining where a dropped row goes.
TreeViewGridLinesTreeView Grid Lines enumeration.
UIManagerItemTypeUsed by Gtk.UIManager.AddUI() to determine what UI element to create.
UnitUnit enumeration.
UpdateTypeProvides a method of indicating how 'updates' should occur.
WidgetFlagsTells about certain properties of the widget.
WidgetHelpTypeThe type of help to display when the Gtk.Widget.HelpShown event is raised.
WindowPositionGtk.Window placement can be influenced using this enumeration.
WindowTypeThe type of Gtk.Window
WrapModeAn enumeration used by TextTag.