GameController Namespace

Supports external game controllers.


The Game Controller namespace was added in iOS 7 and adds support for game controllers.

Game controllers come in two forms: "form-fitting" controllers that contain an iOS device and "extended wireless" controllers that wirelessly connect to an iOS device or a Mac.

Game controllers must be optional components: game developers must make their game playable by users who do not have game controllers.

Form-fitting controllers are automatically discovered by the system. Extended wireless controllers are discovered by the system subsequent to the application developer calling GameController.GCController.StartWirelessControllerDiscovery and will cause the GameController.GCController.Notifications.ObserveDidConnect notification handler to fire. When wireless controller disconnect, the GameController.GCController.Notifications.ObserveDidDisconnect notification fires.

There are two supported profiles for Game Controllers: GameController.GCGamepad and GameController.CGExtendedGamepad. A GameController.GCController will have a non-null value for either its GameController.CGController.Gamepad or its GameController.CGController.ExtendedGamepad property, the application developer must read those to determine the type.

GameController.CGGamepads have two shoulder buttons, a D-pad (see GameController. GCControllerDirectionPad), and 4 face buttons labeled Y-B-A-X.

GameController.CGExtendedGamepads have the same elements, plus two trigger buttons and two joysticks (see GameController.GCControllerAxisInput). Apple conceptual schematics additionally show an LED array, but there is currently no programmatic access to this element.

There are three ways to read game controller data:

PollingProperties such as GameController.GCControllerButtonInput.Pressed or GameController.GCControllerDirectionPad.XAxisDirectly read from the game-loop (see SpriteKit.SKScene.Update).
Event-drivenElement's ValueChangedHandler property (such as GameController.GControllerButtonInput.ValueChangedHandler)Game Controller processes updates on the main thread. The framework ensures that simultaneously-occurring events result in a series of single callbacks.
Coordinated Snapshot GameController.CGGamepad.SaveSnapshot, GameController.CGExtendedGamepad.SaveSnapshotSnapshots the controller state. Appropriate for marshalling, serialization, or delayed processing.

The major classes in the Game Controller namespace are shown in the following illustration:


GCControllerA game controller, either form-fitting or extended wireless.
GCController+NotificationsNotification posted by the GameController.GCController class.
GCControllerAxisInputA GameController.GCControllerElement representing a joystick.
GCControllerAxisValueChangedHandlerThe delegate used as the value-changed handler for GameController.GCControllerAxisInput.ValueChangedHandler.
GCControllerButtonInputA GameController.GCControllerElement representing a game-controller button.
GCControllerButtonValueChangedHandler that can be passed to the GameController.GCControllerButtonInput.SetPressedChangedHandler method to respond to changes to button states.
GCControllerDirectionPadA GameController.GCControllerElement representing a direction-pad.
GCControllerDirectionPadValueChangedHandlerThe delegate used as the value-changed handler for GameController.GCControllerDirectionPad.ValueChangedHandler.
GCControllerElementThe base class for input elements of a game controller.
GCExtendedGamepadA gamepad with two shoulder buttons, two triggers, two thumbsticks, a D-Pad, and a directional button array.
GCExtendedGamepadSnapshotA serializable snapshot of the game controller's state.
GCExtendedGamepadSnapShotDataV100The state of a GameController.GCExtendedGamepad. Produced by GameController.GCExtendedGamepadSnapshot.TryGetSnapshotData.
GCExtendedGamepadValueChangedHandlerThe delegate used as the value-changed handler for GameController.GCExtendedGamepad.ValueChangedHandler.
GCGamepadA gamepad with two shoulder buttons, a D-Pad, and a directional button array..
GCGamepadSnapshotA serializable snapshot of the game controller's state.
GCGamepadSnapShotDataV100The state of a GameController.GCGamepad. Produced by GameController.GCGamepadSnapshot.TryGetSnapshotData.
GCGamepadValueChangedHandlerThe delegate used as the value-changed handler for GameController.GCGamepad.ValueChangedHandler.
GCMotionHolds position data of a game controller.