GLib Namespace

General-purpose utilities.


GLib is a general-purpose utility library, which provides many useful data types, type conversions, string utilities, file utilities and so on.


ArgvArgv marshaling class.
BoxedAn abstract base class to derive structures and marshal them.
CDeclCallbackAttributeIdentifies a native callback delegate.
ClassInitializerAttributeIdentifies a class initialization method to call when GTypes are registered.
ConnectBeforeAttributeIdentifies a delegate to run before the default signal handler.
DefaultSignalHandlerAttributeIdentifies a virtual class method on a GLib.Object subclass.
DelegateWrapperWrapper class for delegates.
DestroyHelperHelper methods for unmanaged memory
EnumWrapperEnum wrapper
ExceptionManagerException management class.
FileUtilsA simple file IO utility class
GExceptionException emitted by GError receipt from native methods.
GInterfaceAdapterGInterfaceAdapter abstract class.
GInterfaceAttributeGInterface Attribute.
GStringInternal class for marshaling strings to and from GStrings.
GTypeAttributeIdentifies a property that can be read to find the GType of a managed type
IdleIdle handlers for GLib-based main-loops
IgnoreClassInitializersAttributeIgnoreClassInitializers Attribute.
InitiallyUnownedFloating reference base class.
IOChannelIO Channel class.
ListA list class used by Gtk
ListBaseBase class for GList and GSList.
ListBase.FilenameStringType for Filename encoded string element marshaling.
LogMessage logging functions.
MainContextManages events in the main context.
MainLoopAllows having a mainloop without requiring Gtk.
MarkupWrapper for glib markup
MarshallerMarshalling utilities
MissingIntPtrCtorExceptionException for Wrapper Classes that are missing IntPtr Constructors
NotifyArgsEvent data.
ObjectBase class for all of Gtk#.
ObjectManagerManages GType to GLib.Object mapping and activation.
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ProcessProcess class.
PropertyAttributeAttribute used to label a GLib.Object property
SignalSignal Binding
SignalArgsArguments and return value for signals.
SignalAttributeMarks events generated from GLib.Object signals
SignalCallbackBase Class for GSignal to C# event marshalling.
SListWrapper class for GSList.
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TimeoutAllows the installation of Timeout Handlers on the GLib main loop. It's in a way very similar to a System.Windows.Forms.Timer class. You can use timeouts to invoke routines at specified intervals of time. The diferance between GLib.Timeout and System.Windows.Forms.Timer is that Timeouts are always invoked on the thread that owns the Gtk mainloop
TypeConverterFundamental type converter
TypeInitializerAttributeTypeInitializer Attribute.
UnhandledExceptionArgsUnhandledExceptionArgs event arguments.
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IWrapperInterface to identify a handle accessible wrapped type.


GTypeThe GLib Runtime type identification and management system. The GType API is the foundation of the GObject system. It provides the facilities for registering and managing all fundamental data types, user-defined object and interface types.
ValueAn arbitrary data type similar to a CORBA Any which is used to get and set properties on Objects.


DestroyNotifyA callback invoked to free user-provided data.
GInterfaceInitHandlerGInterface Initialization Handler.
GSourceFuncGSource callback delegate.
IdleHandlerDelegate to invoke during idle time
IOFuncCallback delegate for IO channel notifications.
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NotifyHandlerRepresents a method that will handle a property notification event
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SpawnChildSetupFuncChild process setup callback delegate.
TimeoutHandlerDelegate used for Timeouts in the GLib main loop.
UnhandledExceptionHandlerReports unhandled exceptions.


ConnectFlagsConnectFlags enumeration.
IOChannelErrorIOChannelError enumeration.
IOConditionIOCondition enumeration.
IOFlagsIOFlags enumeration.
IOStatusIOStatus enumeration.
LogLevelFlagsDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
SeekTypeSeekType enumeration.
SpawnErrorSpawnError enumeration.
SpawnFlagsSpawnFlags enumeration.
TypeFundamentalsThe built-in types available in GLib.