GConf Namespace

GConf is a process-transparent configuration database with a model-view-controller architecture.


GConf is a system for storing configuration information, that is, key-value pairs. GConf provides a notification service so applications can be notified when a key's value is changed. GConf also allows for pluggable storage mechanisms (text files, databases, etc.); allows administrators to install default values; and allows application authors to document their configuration keys for the benefit of administrators.


ChangeSetA ChangeSet is a set of changes to the GConf database that can be commited and reversed easily.
ClientBasic functions to initialize GConf and get/set values.
ClientBaseAbstract class; extend this to create objects that behave like GConf clients.
EngineConfiguration Engine class.
NoSuchKeyExceptionThis Exception is thrown when a key is not found in the user GConf file
NotifyEventArgsArguments of the GConf Notify event that was called due to a GConf key being added, removed or updated.


NotifyEventHandlerNotifyEventHandler is a delegate object that can be used to notify your program whenever a key's value is changed, either in your program or externally (i.e. via gconf-editor).