AudioUnit Namespace

Access to the Audio Unit component framework.


AudioCodecManufacturerAn enumeration whose values specify whether to use a hardware or software encoder.
AudioComponentAn audio component.
AudioComponentDescriptionIdentifiers for a AudioUnit.AudioComponent.
AudioComponentFlagA flagging enumeration whose value specifies whether an audio component is searchable. Used with AudioUnit.AudioComponentDescription.ComponentFlags
AudioComponentManufacturerTypeAn enumeration that specifies that an audio component was manufactured by Apple.
AudioComponentStatusEnumerates status values returned by AudioUnit.AudioUnit.AudioUnitPublish.
AudioComponentTypeAn enumeration whose values represent different types of audio components.
AudioTypeConverterAn enumeration whose values specify different types of audio converters.
AudioTypeEffectAn enumeration whose values specify different types of audio effects.
AudioTypeGeneratorAn enumeration whose values specify whether an audio generator is a file player or a scheduled sound player.
AudioTypeMixerAn enumeration whose values specify whether the type of an audio mixer.
AudioTypeMusicDeviceAn enumeration whose values specify whether an audio music device is a sampler or not.
AudioTypeOutputAn enumeration whose values specify the type of audio output.
AudioTypePannerAn unimplemented enumeration.
AudioUnitA plug-in component that processes or generates audio data.
AudioUnitClumpIDEnumerates values used by AudioUnit.AudioUnitParameterInfo. Currenty reserved for system use.
AudioUnitExceptionAn exception relating to functions in the AudioUnit namespace.
AudioUnitParameterFlagFlagging enumeration used with AudioUnit.AudioUnitParameterInfo.Flags.
AudioUnitParameterInfoHolds information regarding an audio unit parameter.
AudioUnitParameterTypeAn enumeration whose values represent adjustable attributes such as pitch or volume.
AudioUnitParameterUnitThe unit of measure used by an audio unit parameter.
AudioUnitPropertyIDTypeAn enumeration whose values specify a kind of AudioUnit.AudioUnit.
AudioUnitRemoteControlEventEnumerates events relating to remote control commands.
AudioUnitRenderActionFlagsAn enumeration whose values specify configuration flags for audio-unit rendering.
AudioUnitScopeTypeAn enumeration whose values specify roles and contexts for audio unit properties.
AudioUnitStatusAn enumeration whose values specify the status of an AudioUnit.AudioUnit.
AudioUnitUtilsUtility class to hold miscellaneous functions relating to audio streams, samples, and output categories.
AUGraphAn audio processing graph.
AUGraphErrorEnumerates errors produced by AudioUnit functions.
ClassInfoDictionaryHolds key-value pairs on class information. Used with AudioUnit.AudioUnit.SetClassInfo and AudioUnit.AudioUnit.GetClassInfo.
ExtAudioFileThe ExtendedAudioFile provides high-level audio file access. It provides a single unified interface to reading and writing both encoded and unencoded files with access to AudioToolbox.AudioFile and AudioToolbox.AudioConverter API.
ExtAudioFileErrorAn enumeration whose values indicate various errors relating to AudioUnit.ExtAudioFiles.
InputDelegateCallback used with AudioUnit.AudioUnit.SetInputCallback.
InstrumentTypeEnumerates instrument types.
RenderDelegateSignature used by AudioUnit callbacks that provide audio samples to an AudioUnit.
SamplerInstrumentDataDescribes a sampler instrument. Used with AudioUnit.AudioUnit.LoadInstrument.
ScheduledAudioSliceFlagEnumerates timing flags for rendering audio slices.
SpatialMixerAttenuationEnumerates attenuation modes.
SpatialMixerRenderingFlagsFlagging enumeration used to control spatial mixing.