Atk Namespace

The Accessibility Toolkit.


The Atk library provides a set of interfaces for accessibility. By supporting the Atk interfaces, an application or toolkit can be used such as tools such as screen readers, magnifiers, and alternative input devices.


ActionAdapter Action adapter.
ActiveDescendantChangedArgsEvent data.
BoundsChangedArgsEvent data.
ChildrenChangedArgsEvent data.
ColumnDeletedArgsEvent data.
ColumnInsertedArgsEvent data.
ComponentAdapterComponent adapter.
DocumentAdapterDocument adapter.
EditableTextAdapterEditableText adapter.
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FocusEventArgsEvent data.
GlobalGlobal API elements for Atk
GObjectAccessibleThis object class is derived from Atk.Object and can be used as a basis implementing accessible objects.
HyperlinkAn ATK object which encapsulates a link or set of links in a hypertext document.
HyperlinkImplAdapterHyperlinkImpl adapter.
HypertextAdapterHypertext adapter.
ImageAdapterImage adapter.
ImplementorAdapterImplementor adapter.
LinkSelectedArgsEvent data.
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NoOpObjectAn Atk.Object which purports to implement all Atk interfaces.
NoOpObjectFactoryThe Atk.ObjectFactory which creates an Atk.NoOpObject.
ObjectThe base object class for the Accessibility Toolkit API.
ObjectFactoryThe base object class for a factory used to create accessible objects for objects of a specific GLib.GType.
PropertyChangeArgsEvent data.
RegistryAn object used to store the GLib.GType of the factories used to create an accessible object for an object of a particular GLib.GType.
RelationAn Atk.Relation describes a relation between an object and one or more other objects.
RelationSet A set of Atk.Relations, normally the set which an Atk.Object has.
RowDeletedArgsEvent data.
RowInsertedArgsEvent data.
SelectionAdapterSelection adapter.
StateChangeArgsEvent data.
StateManagerAn AtkState describes a component's particular state.
StateSetAn Atk.StateSet determines a component's state set.
StreamableContentAdapterStreamableContent adapter.
TableAdapterTable adapter.
TextAdapterText adapter.
TextCaretMovedArgsEvent data.
TextChangedArgsEvent data.
UtilThis is a utility class which supports the adding and removal of event listeners.
ValueAdapterValue adapter.


Action The ATK interface provided by UI components which the user can activate/interact with, this should be implemented by instances of Atk.Object classes with which the user can interact directly, i.e. buttons, checkboxes, scrollbars, e.g. components which are not "passive" providers of UI information.
ActionImplementorAction implementor interface.
ComponentThe ATK interface provided by UI components which occupy a physical area on the screen.
ComponentImplementorComponent implementor interface.
DocumentThe interface which allows access to a DOM associated with on object.
DocumentImplementorDocument implementor interface.
EditableTextThe ATK interface implemented by components containing user-editable text content
EditableTextImplementorEditableText implementor interface.
HyperlinkImplInterface to obtain a Hyperlink implementation.
HyperlinkImplImplementorHyperlinkImpl implementor interface.
HypertextThe interface which provides standard mechanism for manipulating hyperlinks.
HypertextImplementorHypertext implementor interface.
Image Implemented by AtkObject subtypes on behalf of components which display image/pixmap information onscreen, and which provide information (other than just widget borders, etc.) via that image content.
ImageImplementorImage implementor interface.
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ImplementorImplementorImplementor implementor interface.
Selection The ATK interface implemented by container objects whose Atk.Object children can be selected.
SelectionImplementorSelection implementor interface.
StreamableContentThe interface which provides access to streamable content.
StreamableContentImplementorStreamableContent implementor interface.
TableThe interface implemented for UI components which contain tabular or row/column information.
TableImplementorTable implementor interface.
TextThe interface implemented by components with text content.
TextImplementorText implementor interface.
ValueThe interface implemented by valuators and components which display or select a value from a bounded range of values.
ValueImplementorValue implementor interface.


AttributeA string name/value pair representing a text attribute.
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TextRangeA structure used to describe a text range.
TextRectangleA structure used to store a rectangle used by Atk.Text.


ActiveDescendantChangedHandlerEvent handler.
BoundsChangedHandlerEvent handler.
ChildrenChangedHandlerEvent handler.
ColumnDeletedHandlerEvent handler.
ColumnInsertedHandlerEvent handler.
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FocusEventHandlerEvent handler.
FocusHandlerEvent handler.
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LinkSelectedHandlerEvent handler.
PropertyChangeEventHandlerEvent handler.
PropertyChangeHandlerEvent handler.
RowDeletedHandlerEvent handler.
RowInsertedHandlerEvent handler.
StateChangeHandlerEvent handler.
TextCaretMovedHandlerEvent handler.
TextChangedHandlerEvent handler.
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CoordTypeSpecifies how xy coordinates are to be interpreted.
HyperlinkStateFlagsDescribes the type of link
KeyEventTypeSpecifies the type of a keyboard event.
LayerDescribes the layer of a component
RelationTypeDescribes the type of the relation
RoleDescribes the role of an object
StateTypeThe possible types of states of an object
TextAttributeDescribes the text attributes supported
TextBoundaryText boundary types used for specifying boundaries for regions of text
TextClipTypeDescribes the type of clipping required.