AssetsLibrary Namespace

Access to the system Photos and Videos


ALAssetAn asset managed by the Photo application (videos and photos).
ALAssetLibraryChangedEventArgsProvides data for the event.
ALAssetOrientationThe orientation of the asset.
ALAssetRepresentationA specific representation of an asset.
ALAssetsEnumeratorSignature for delegates participating in asset enumeration.
ALAssetsErrorAn enumeration whose values specify various errors relating to AssetsLibrary.ALAssets.
ALAssetsFilterKeys used to limit asset enumeration by a specific kind.
ALAssetsGroupSets of assets managed by the Photo application.
ALAssetsGroupTypeDescribes the group type.
ALAssetsLibraryA class that encapsulates access to the video and media of the "Photos" application.
ALAssetsLibrary+NotificationsNotification posted by the AssetsLibrary.ALAssetsLibrary class.
ALAssetsLibraryGroupsEnumerationResultsDelegateA delegate that is used as the enumerationBlock parameter in calls to the AssetsLibrary.ALAssetsLibrary.Enumerate method.
ALAssetTypeThe asset type.
ALAuthorizationStatusAn enumeration whose values specify the authorization status of a AssetsLibrary.ALAssetsLibrary. Retrieved by the AssetsLibrary.ALAssetsLibrary.AuthorizationStatus property.