Android.Text.Util Namespace


Utilities for converting identifiable text strings into clickable links and creating RFC 822-type message (SMTP) tokens.


LinkifyLinkify take a piece of text and a regular expression and turns all of the regex matches in the text into clickable links.
Linkify+IMatchFilterMatchFilter enables client code to have more control over what is allowed to match and become a link, and what is not.
Linkify+ITransformFilterTransformFilter enables client code to have more control over how matched patterns are represented as URLs.
LinkifyIMatchFilterExtensionsDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
MatchOptionsEnumerates values returned by several types and taken as a parameter of the Android.Text.Util.Linkify.AddLinks, and Android.Text.Util.Linkify.AddLinks members.
Rfc822TokenThis class stores an RFC 822-like name, address, and comment, and provides methods to convert them to quoted strings.
Rfc822TokenizerThis class works as a Tokenizer for MultiAutoCompleteTextView for address list fields, and also provides a method for converting a string of addresses (such as might be typed into such a field) into a series of Rfc822Tokens.