Android.Opengl Namespace

Provides an OpenGL ES static interface and utilities.


Provides an OpenGL ES static interface and utilities.

For more information about how to use OpenGL, read the OpenGL developer guide.


DebugFlagsEnumerates values returned by several types.
EGLConfigWrapper class for native EGLConfig objects.
EGLContextWrapper class for native EGLContext objects.
EGLDisplayWrapper class for native EGLDisplay objects.
EGLExtEGL Extensions
EGLObjectHandleBase class for wrapped EGL objects.
EGLSurfaceWrapper class for native EGLSurface objects.
ETC1Methods for encoding and decoding ETC1 textures.
ETC1UtilUtility methods for using ETC1 compressed textures.
ETC1Util+ETC1TextureA utility class encapsulating a compressed ETC1 texture.
GLDebugConfigEnumerates values returned by several types.
GLDebugHelperA helper class for debugging OpenGL ES applications.
GLES10 [Android Documentation]
GLES10Ext [Android Documentation]
GLES11 [Android Documentation]
GLES11Ext [Android Documentation]
GLES20OpenGL ES 2.
GLES30OpenGL ES 3.
GLES31OpenGL ES 3.
GLES31Ext [Android Documentation]
GLES31Ext+IDebugProcKHRDocumentation for this section has not yet been entered.
GLExceptionAn exception class for OpenGL errors.
GLSurfaceViewAn implementation of SurfaceView that uses the dedicated surface for displaying OpenGL rendering.
GLSurfaceView+IEGLConfigChooserAn interface for choosing an EGLConfig configuration from a list of potential configurations.
GLSurfaceView+IEGLContextFactoryAn interface for customizing the eglCreateContext and eglDestroyContext calls.
GLSurfaceView+IEGLWindowSurfaceFactoryAn interface for customizing the eglCreateWindowSurface and eglDestroySurface calls.
GLSurfaceView+IGLWrapperAn interface used to wrap a GL interface.
GLSurfaceView+IRendererA generic renderer interface.
GLUA set of GL utilities inspired by the OpenGL Utility Toolkit.
GLUtilsUtility class to help bridging OpenGL ES and Android APIs.
MatrixMatrix math utilities.
RendermodeEnumerates values returned by several types.
VisibilityA collection of utility methods for computing the visibility of triangle meshes.