Android.Net.Http Namespace


AndroidHttpClientImplementation of the Apache NoType:org/apache/http/impl/client/DefaultHttpClient;Href=../../../../reference/org/apache/http/impl/client/DefaultHttpClient.html that is configured with reasonable default settings and registered schemes for Android.
HttpResponseCacheCaches HTTP and HTTPS responses to the filesystem so they may be reused, saving time and bandwidth.
SslCertificateSSL certificate info (certificate details) class
SslCertificate+DNameA distinguished name helper class: a 3-tuple of:
  • the most specific common name (CN)
  • the most specific organization (O)
  • the most specific organizational unit (OU)
SslErrorThis class represents a set of one or more SSL errors and the associated SSL certificate.
SslErrorTypeEnumerates values returned by several types and taken as a parameter of several methods of Android.Net.Http.SslError.
X509TrustManagerExtensionsX509TrustManager wrapper exposing Android-added features.