UIKit.UIApplicationDelegate: Method Members

The methods of UIKit.UIApplicationDelegate are listed below. For a list of all members, see the UIApplicationDelegate Members list.

See Also: Inherited members from Foundation.NSObject

Public Methods

AccessibilityPerformMagicTap() : bool
Responds to a two-finger double-tap if Accessibility "Voice Over" is activated.
Indicates a significant shift in time, such as midnight, carrier-changed time, or the start or stop of Daylight Savings.
ChangedStatusBarFrame(UIApplication, CoreGraphics.CGRect)
Indicates that the UIView.Frame of the status bar has changed.
ContinueUserActivity(UIApplication, Foundation.NSUserActivity, UIApplicationRestorationHandler) : bool
Informs the app that there is data associated with continuing a task specified as a Foundation.NSUserActivity object, and then returns whether the app continued the activity.
DidChangeStatusBarOrientation(UIApplication, UIInterfaceOrientation)
Indicates that the statusbar has changed its orientation.
DidDecodeRestorableState(UIApplication, Foundation.NSCoder)
The final method called in the state restoration process.
Called when the app enters the backgrounded state.
DidFailToContinueUserActivitiy(UIApplication, string, Foundation.NSError)
Informs the app that the activity of the userActivityType type could not be continued, and specifies a error as the reason for the failure.
DidReceiveRemoteNotification(UIApplication, Foundation.NSDictionary, Action<UIBackgroundFetchResult>)
Remote background notification support: Invoked by operating system when your application received a remote notification.
DidRegisterUserNotificationSettings(UIApplication, UIUserNotificationSettings)
Informs the app of the type of notifications it can use, as a UIKit.UIUserNotificationSettings object.
FailedToRegisterForRemoteNotifications(UIApplication, Foundation.NSError)
Indicates that a call to UIApplication.RegisterForRemoteNotifications failed.
Method invoked after the application has launched to configure the main window and view controller.
FinishedLaunching(UIApplication, Foundation.NSDictionary) : bool
Method invoked after the application has launched to configure the main window and view controller.
GetSupportedInterfaceOrientations(UIApplication, UIWindow) : UIInterfaceOrientationMask
Returns a bit-mask of supported orientations for the specified forWindow.
GetViewController(UIApplication, string[], Foundation.NSCoder) : UIViewController
Retrieve the UIKit.UIViewController identified by the restorationIdentifierComponents.
HandleAction(UIApplication, string, Foundation.NSDictionary, Action)
Informs the app of a custom action to perform based on a push notification, and includes the actionIdentifier value, remoteNoticationInfo data from the notification, and completionHandler for the app developer to run after performing the action.
HandleAction(UIApplication, string, UILocalNotification, Action)
Informs the app that the user selected an action identified by the actionIdentifier value from an alert of a UIKit.UILocalNotification object, and executes the completionHandler block after it completes the action.
HandleEventsForBackgroundUrl(UIApplication, string, Action)
All background transfers in sessionIdentifier are finished, or authentication is required. The application should update its interface and then run completionHander.
HandleOpenURL(UIApplication, Foundation.NSUrl) : bool
Application developers should not use this deprecated method but use UIApplicationDelegate.OpenUrl instead.
HandleWatchKitExtensionRequest(UIApplication, Foundation.NSDictionary, Action<Foundation.NSDictionary>)
A watchkit extension has made a request.
Called when the application is launched and every time the app returns to the foreground.
Called when the application is about to enter the background, be suspended, or when the user receives an interruption such as a phone call or text.
OpenUrl(UIApplication, Foundation.NSUrl, string, Foundation.NSObject) : bool
Indicates that the application should open the specified url.
PerformFetch(UIApplication, Action<UIBackgroundFetchResult>)
Background support: Invoked by the operating system to allow an application to download data.
Indicates that the device was unlocked and previously-encrypted data is now available.
Indicates that the device is being locked and that protected files will become unavailable.
ReceivedLocalNotification(UIApplication, UILocalNotification)
Indicates that the application received a UIKit.UILocalNotification.
ReceivedRemoteNotification(UIApplication, Foundation.NSDictionary)
Indicates that the application received a remote notification.
Indicates that the system memory is running low.
RegisteredForRemoteNotifications(UIApplication, Foundation.NSData)
Indicates that a call to UIApplication.RegisterForRemoteNotifications succeeded.
ShouldAllowExtensionPointIdentifier(UIApplication, Foundation.NSString) : bool
Requests permission from the app to run app extensions based on the extension point identified by extensionPointIdentifier.
ShouldRestoreApplicationState(UIApplication, Foundation.NSCoder) : bool
Whether state restoration should be attempted on the app.
ShouldSaveApplicationState(UIApplication, Foundation.NSCoder) : bool
Whether state preservation should be attempted on the app.
UserActivityUpdated(UIApplication, Foundation.NSUserActivity)
A user activity was updated.
WillChangeStatusBarFrame(UIApplication, CoreGraphics.CGRect)
Indicates that the frame of the status bar will change shortly.
WillChangeStatusBarOrientation(UIApplication, UIInterfaceOrientation, double)
Indicates that the orientation of the status bar will change shortly.
WillContinueUserActivity(UIApplication, string) : bool
Informs the app that the user attempts to continue a userActivityType action for which data might not be available, and returns to notify the user that the app will continue the activity.
WillEncodeRestorableState(UIApplication, Foundation.NSCoder)
The first method called in the state preservation process.
Called prior to the application returning from a backgrounded state.
WillFinishLaunching(UIApplication, Foundation.NSDictionary) : bool
Indicates that launching has begun, but state restoration has not yet occurred.
Called if the application is being terminated due to memory constraints or directly by the user.