MonoTouch.Foundation.NSObject.SetValueForKeyPath Method
Sets the value of a property that can be reached using a keypath.


public virtual void SetValueForKeyPath (NSObject value, NSString keyPath)


Value to set on the property.
Key-path to use to perform the value lookup. The keypath consists of a series of lowercase ASCII-strings with no spaces in them separated by dot characters.


The keypath is separated by dots, and each component is used to lookup a specific key on the object. The process is repeated on each returning object until the last element is processed.

If a component of the key path is not found, the method NSObject.SetValueForUndefinedKey(NSObject, NSString) is invoked, and its default implementation raises an Objective-C exception. Subclasses can alter this behavior by overriding that method.

c# Example

string SetMobilePhone (Order order, NSString phone)
	return order.SetValueForKeyPath ("", phone);


Namespace: MonoTouch.Foundation
Assembly: monotouch (in monotouch.dll)
Assembly Versions: