Gtk.StatusIcon: Method Members

The methods of Gtk.StatusIcon are listed below. For a list of all members, see the StatusIcon Members list.

See Also: Inherited members from GLib.Object

Public Methods

GetGeometry(out Gdk.Screen, out Gdk.Rectangle, out Orientation) : bool
Get the Location and Orientation of the Icon.
GetGeometry(Gdk.Screen, Gdk.Rectangle, out Orientation) : bool
Obsolete. Do not Use.
NewFromIconName(string) : StatusIcon
Creates a status icon with a named icon from the current theme.
NewFromStock(string) : StatusIcon
Creates a status icon with a stock icon.
PositionMenu(Menu, out int, out int, out bool, IntPtr)
Menu Positioning Callback function.
PresentMenu(Menu, uint, uint)
Positions and displays a menu.

Protected Methods

Default handler for the StatusIcon.Activate event.
OnPopupMenu(uint, uint)
Default handler for the StatusIcon.PopupMenu event.
OnSizeChanged(int) : bool
Default handler for the StatusIcon.SizeChanged event.